In the early days of free agent negotiations, Lim was offered by the Samsung Lions, but there was a wide gap in his stance. He told Samsung’s general manager Lee Jong-yeol that he would not be able to make it. As such, negotiations seemed likely to end. However, Lee’s courtship continued. Not only Lim’s agent but also his trainer contacted him and told him to wait for him. Lee’s request continued even after a month. Finally, we all shared the feelings. Lim Chang-min wore a blue Samsung uniform for a total of 800 million won (800 million won) for two years. “My style is not to give up,” Lee said with a chuckle in an interview with this newspaper.헤라카지노

“He wouldn’t seduce me like this,” Lim said with a big smile, recalling the time. “I didn’t know it was so good that someone wanted me this much,” he said, expressing gratitude for Samsung’s interest. Samsung players also played a role in the support. “There was an article that said we were negotiating with Samsung, but we were not negotiating at the time. However, Samsung players including Koo Ja-wook, Kim Tae-hoon, and Lee Sang-min kept calling and asking “When are you coming? I realized that we are a team.” His heart moved as if his clothes were wet.

Currently, Lim has been training in Daegu since last winter. Was he expecting to go to Samsung? “I have been training in Daegu since last winter because Jeong Yeon-chang, the head trainer of NC Dinos, is in Daegu,” Lim said. “I was having a hard time due to injury after 2022, but I got a lot better after working out with him. That was why I threw well at Kiwoom Heroes last year. I am working out here again this year as I am in good spirits.” Coincidentally, Jeong Yeon-chang was appointed as the general training coach for Samsung this winter. He will join Samsung for the next season.

He was wearing Samsung’s blue uniform that he admired when he was young. How would he feel? “Samsung’s image as a student was strong, coached by Kim So-yong and Sun Dong-yeol, and Samsung’s image as a pro player is strong. Samsung has always been a team that plays advanced baseball,” Lim Chang-min said. “I feel sad because Samsung’s performance was not good recently. I thought Samsung would never be swayed. I thought the team would change like this.” “The club didn’t make efforts, but I realized that people should always improve and not be complacent,” he said.

Last year, Samsung’s bullpen performance was the worst in the league. Its bullpen average (ERA) was the worst among the 10 teams in the league with 5.16. General manager Lee Jong-yeol has been enthusiastic about strengthening bullpen in off-season, and has strengthened backdoor policy by recruiting closer Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min as free agents. Rebuilding bullpen. Lim Chang-min’s shoulder is heavy. “I don’t care about positioning,” he said of the closing competition with Kim Jae-yoon and Oh Seung-hwan. “I don’t think personal performance is meaningless for a veteran. I will make it my top priority to send my team to high places and go up with Samsung,” he said in renewing his commitment for the new season.

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