The story behind Lee Jung-hoo’s joining ceremony was revealed. In the video released, Lee Jung-hoo received a number of compliments.

On the 8th (Korea Standard Time), the San Francisco Giants released a video of Lee Jung-hoo’s official joining ceremony held on December 16th last year on the club’s official YouTube.

The video clip also showed Lee Jung-hoo having a video call with San Francisco manager Bob Melvin. “I heard a lot of good things from Kim Ha-sung. I’m looking forward to the day when I play,” Lee said through a Korean agent Lee Jung-moon of Boras Corporation. “Lee Jung-hoo is the player I’ve been looking for,” Melvin said. “I welcome him, grandson of the wind.”헤라카지노

Lee Jung-hoo later said, “I will do my best to become Melvin’s favorite player,” and Melvin said, “He’s already such a player. Congratulations on joining the team. We’re very excited, too.”

This is not the first time Melvin has praised Lee Jung-hoo. Recently, Melvin appeared on “The TK Show,” a podcast, and said he intends to use Lee Jung-hoo as the first batter.

At the time, Melvin said, “I’ve been thinking about San Francisco’s lineup since I took the helm. Lee Jung-hoo has a lot of experience playing as the first hitter in the KBO league. I believe in this,” adding, “There is no reason why Lee Jung-hoo should not be the first hitter at this point.”

Lee Jung-hoo said in an interview, “My career in Korea must now be left behind and start anew,” adding, “I hope I do the same as I came to a good club.”

“It’s so beautiful,” Lee Jung-hoo said of Oracle Park. “I wanted to live in a port city and play for a team with a long history since I was young. I’m so honored to be lucky to join such a team.”

At the joining ceremony held at that time, his father Lee Jong-beom, former coach of the LG Twins, and his mother Jeong Yeon-hee were also present.

Coach Lee Jong-beom said, “I think I was able to enter the Major League because my dad overcame the great burden of being a legend himself,” adding, “I feel like Jung-hoo can succeed because both my thoughts and minds are superior to me.”

“I hope he will adapt to this huge stadium and become a player who can entertain many San Francisco fans,” he said. “Lee Jung-hoo, fighting.”

Lee Jung-hoo agreed to a six-year, $113 million (about 149 billion won) contract with San Francisco, and the contract also included an “optout” clause that allows him to break the contract and qualify as a free agent four years later through a player agreement with the club.

Starting with next season’s annual salary of 7 million dollars (9.2 billion won), the contract details will reportedly receive 16 million dollars (about 20.9 billion won) in 2025, 22 million dollars (about 28.7 billion won) in 2026 and 2027, and 20.5 million dollars (about 26.7 billion won) in 2028 and 2029. The down payment will be 5 million dollars (about 6.5 billion won).

This is the largest ever MLB posting among Korean players. Ryu Hyun-jin, who moved from the Hanwha Eagles to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012, received 36 million dollars for six years and 28 million dollars for Kim Ha-sung for four years, and Lee Jung-hoo signed a much bigger contract than this. In the all-time Korean Major Leaguer contract, Choo Shin-soo ranked second after the seven-year, 130 million dollars he signed with the Texas Rangers in 2013.

Shohei Ohtani, who made a new professional sports history by signing a 10-year, 700 million-dollar FA contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, also posted a down payment of 2,315,000 dollars and an annual salary of 545,000 dollars in his first year at the time of posting in 2018. As such, the size of Lee Jung-hoo’s contract was enormous.

Lee Jung-hoo then posted the highest amount of posting money for Asian fielders beyond Japan’s Yoshida Masataka’s five-year, $90 million contract with the Boston Red Sox in December last year. If the scope is expanded to the entire position, Lee Jung-hoo is the second after pitcher Masahiro Tanaka signed a seven-year, $155 million contract with the New York Yankees in January 2014.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-hoo was mentioned by as a candidate for the Rookie of the Year award on the 2nd. The media predicted, “San Francisco has no rookie award winner since catcher Buster Posey in 2010. This season, we have a great opportunity to end this drought,” and added, “San Francisco has 12 prospects who debuted in the Major League in the 2023 season, and most of them are eligible for the 2024 Rookie of the Year award. If promising players grow well, center fielder Lee Jung-hoo, left-hander Kyle Harrison, and shortstop Marco Luciano will compete for the Rookie of the Year award.”

However, Lee Jung-hoo failed to win votes in the Rookie of the Year survey of 30 teams conducted by on the 8th. In the survey, LA Dodgers’ Yoshinobu Yamamoto was selected as a candidate for the National League (NL) Rookie of the Year with the support of 51 percent of all respondents.

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