Now, it is time for the real game. The first and final rehearsal for the first time in 64 years has been completed for the Clinsman team to rise to the top position in Asia.

Korea’s national A team won 1-0 in an exhibition match against Iraq at the New York University Stadium in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday (Korea time). In the first half, A team coach Jurgen Klinsmann deployed the 1.5 teams mainly for players who lacked sense of play in actual matches, including the K-League. It was a 4-1-4-1 formation. Chung Woo-young (Stutgart), Hong Hyun-beom (Zvezda), and Lee Jae-seong (Mainz) were on the second line. Park Yong-woo (Al Ain) was on the defensive midfielder and Lee Ki-je (Suwon), Kim Young-kwon, Jeong Seung-hyeon, and Seol Young-woo (Ulsan) were on the four-back. Kim Seung-gyu (Al Shabab) was on the defense.랭크카지노

The second half was different. The team showed its best performance. Oh Hyun-kyu, Jung Woo-young, Hong Hyun-suk, Lee Jae-sung and Jung Seung-hyun played, while Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), and Cho Kyu-sung (Mitwhelan) filled the spot. However, I could not be full from the first drink. In the second half, the goal that I had hoped for did not score. Lee Jae-seong’s goal at the 40th minute in the first half was the only goal he scored.

The first group match is just a week away. The match against Iraq was another meaning of harvest. The assignment of Team A has become clear. Iraq is ranked 63rd in the FIFA rankings, while South Korea is 23rd. Bahrain (86th, 15th), Jordan (87th, 20th), and Malaysia ( 130th, 25th), which will face off in the group league of the Qatar Asian Cup, are even lower in power than Iraq.

In the end, it was a “war against dense defense.” Iraq encountered Taegeuk Warriors, focusing mainly on counterattacks. In the second half, practically all 11 players joined the defense. However, Klinsmann had no secret to break through the net defense. One-top Cho Kyu-sung, left and right Hwang Hee-chan and Lee Kang-in, and shadow striker Son Heung-min were “one island” respectively. If two or three players surround each other at once, it is not easy to break through the situation. However, a lack of numbers is fundamental, and promised plays did not exist.

The opponents in the group league, the first gateway, have no choice. There is hope for a ticket to the round of 16 only when the bleeding is minimized through aggressive defense tactics against the Taegeuk Warriors. Countermeasures against dense defense are long-standing concerns, but there is no royal road. Rather than a tight center, the defense line should be dispersed by drilling a bow from the side. If a pass penetrates into the back space of the side and is connected, the defense wall can be broken in a moment.

To compensate for the lack of numbers, the defensive line should be raised as much as possible to narrow the gap between positions. Only then can the front line’s position be destroyed constantly. All-round attacks that catch the opponent off guard are the only way to live. Bold mid-range shots from opposing midfielders should also be saved. It is a “special medicine” to raise the defensive line. Set pieces need to be refined more for the rest of the year. Set pieces have nothing to do with dense defense. You can double your offense through the promised set piece. It seems that internal diagnosis is needed to see if Lee Kang-in’s “Arirang Cross” against Iraq is also effective.

On the contrary, the trap of dense defense is the counterattack of the opponent. If you make an offensive play, the defensive line’s concentration will inevitably decrease. In the first half of the match against Iraq, Jung Seung-hyun allowed space behind him twice, creating a dizzying scene that was tantamount to a loss. This scene should never come out in the finals. If you allow the first run, you may face the limits of your patience. You can fall victim to an unexpected situation.

The Korean government should also respond wisely to war of nerves between rival teams. At the Qatar Asian Cup, it is a mountain to overcome ‘territoriality in the Middle East’ including a referee’s decision. Rough play is as obvious as a fire. Adequate response is essential, but do not go too far. Lee Kang-in’s exit in the second inning of warning against Iraq was a “right in the air.” It is a sad story, but if you hit him, you should get hit. That way, you can be free from the opponent’s trap.

The Qatar Asian Cup will kick off on March 13. The Korean national team will prepare its tactics in Abu Dhabi and enter Doha on March 10.

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