With the results of the Baseball Hall of Fame voting announced on the 23rd, local time in the United States, attention is being paid to who will be inducted this time and how many votes each player received. In the meantime, as of the 6th, the results of the midterm vote are also being counted in real time, centering on the press corps (including real names/anonyms) that released the results of the vote, which is also a big attraction.

As of the 6th, a total of five people have exceeded 75% of the vote, which is based on the induction of the Hall of Fame. I’m not sure because only about 32% of the votes have been released yet, but as time goes by, the outline of players who are likely to be inducted can be revealed, drawing attention.

The highest voter turnout was Adrian Beltre. Beltre, who is eligible to enter the Major League this year, received a whopping 98.4 percent of the votes. So far, Beltre is considered the most likely candidate to be inducted. Local people have already been saying, “Whether Beltre enters the race or not. Whether he wins the most votes or not is the key.” Mariano Rivera is the only winner of the 100-year-old Major League Hall of Fame, with Derek Jeter (99.7 percent), Ken Griffey Jr. (99.3 percent), Tom Seaver (98.8 percent), Nolan Ryan (98.8 percent), and Carl Ripken Jr. (98.5 percent). If Beltre wins 98 percent of the vote, he will be in seventh place with the most votes ever.

Beltre, who never missed a triple-digit hit from 1999 to 2015, showed a cumulative record of 2,767 hits, 413 home runs and 1,467 RBIs (batting average 0.285).헤라카지노

Second, Joe Mauer, who is also seeking to enter the first turn, currently holds 82.1 percent of the vote. The cumulative record was not much of a big deal, but it was largely attributed to Mauer’s not as light as the Hall of Fame catchers. He had 2,123 hits, 923 RBIs, 1,018 points and a career batting average of 0.306 in his short 15-year MLB career.

Todd Helton, a mountain man, is also recording 82.1 percent of the vote in the interim, taking advantage of Larry Walker, who is also a senior member of the team, who entered the Hall of Fame belatedly. Helton, who has had his sixth chance to be inducted this year, is expected to win more than 75 percent of the vote if this continues. Billy Wagner, who had his ninth chance as a closing pitcher, also received 80.5 percent of the vote.

Some are gaining 75 percent of the vote. This is Gary Sheffield, who is given the last chance to be inducted this year. Known as “Park Chan-ho helper” even among Korean baseball fans, Sheffield garnered 75.6 percent of the vote. He exceeded the 500-homer mark, which is also the Hall of Fame check, but the order of induction was delayed because he was one of the drug users found in the Mitchell Report. For now, local people see a 50-50 chance to be inducted.

On the other hand, although the name is familiar to Korean baseball fans, some may be disqualified right away at the first turn. A less than 5 percent of the vote will automatically drop out. It turns out that Jose Battista, Bartolo Colon, Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Halladay, Victor Martinez, Brandon Phillips, Jose Reyes, and James Shields have yet to win less than 1 percent of the vote.

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