So far, Lee Jung-hoo has established all the face of the San Francisco Giants transfer market. Most of the prospects are positive in the local area. However, there are some mysterious views.

Jim Bowden, a columnist for the North American sports media “The Athletic,” evaluated the transfer market of 30 major league teams on the 5th (Korea time). The San Francisco Giants, which recruited Lee Jung-hoo, received a B-grade.

Currently, only Lee Jung-hoo (six years, $113 million), and catcher Tom Murphy (two years, 8.25 million dollars) are recruited. San Francisco’s current transfer market is meaningless enough to call for recruitment of veteran coach Bob Melvin as its new head coach.

Recently, CBS Sports even criticized San Francisco’s transfer market by evaluating it as a C. “San Francisco keeps trying to recruit the best free agents. However, most of them are failing,” CBS Sports said. “The only players that have been recruited so far are Lee Jung-hoo and catcher Tom Murphy, who are called true talents although they are in danger.”헤라카지노

“Should I say that we hired Bob Melvin as well? They should be ashamed of that fact. To be considered as a true wild card competitor in 2024, we need to make a stronger recruitment to end the winter,” he said in a harsh evaluation. Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto were at the forefront of recruiting, but failed to recruit them in the end.

Still, most people seem to agree that Lee Jung-hoo’s recruitment is positive. “The Giants finally recruited an important free agent player, Lee Jung-hoo,” Jim Bowden of The Athletic said while evaluating the San Francisco transfer market. “With the presence of Lee Jung-hoo, the center fielder’s defense will be greatly upgraded, and we can add a good contact type batter to the batting lineup.” He predicted that Lee Jung-hoo’s ability will further improve the San Francisco lineup and outfielder’s defense.

However, it was the same as CBS Sports that they needed to recruit additional players. Bowden said, “After that, the focus should be on recruiting starting pitchers and corner infielders. Along with Rhys Hoskins, Cody Bellinger and Matt Chapman, the team has been targeting pitchers Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery. It seems that at least one or two of them will be recruited.”

The prospect that Lee Jung-hoo will revitalize the center field defense and the batting lineup has already been reported in various media. NBC Sports Bay Area expected Lee Jung-hoo to address the shortcomings of San Francisco’s batting lineup last year, saying, “Lee Jung-hoo will excite fans.”

NBC Sports Bay Area continued, “The San Francisco lineup set a franchise record with 1,492 strikeouts and recorded the seventh-most strikeouts in the Major League. The team’s autonomous batting approach was done without home runs,” criticizing the lineup’s sluggishness, saying, “It was the biggest problem for batting, but I expect that the number of strikeouts will be greatly reduced in the upcoming season. Signing Lee Jung-hoo, who has amazing contact skills, will definitely help reduce strikeouts.”

Another media outlet, Clutch Point, also said, “Lee Jung-hoo played in 884 games during his seven years in the KBO. He had a batting average of 340 with 65 homers, 515 RBIs and 69 steals. He received five Golden Gloves as he won the MVP award in 2022 following the 2017 Rookie of the Year award,” adding, “Lee Jung-hoo’s defense will play an important role at Oracle Park (home of San Francisco). San Francisco expects Lee Jung-hoo to revitalize its offense.”

“Last year, Lee ranked 24th with 674 points. His batting average was 28th with .235 strikeouts (1,492),” he said. “As San Francisco’s starting center fielder, Lee Jung-hoo has to make inroads into the Major League with huge burden. He needs to strengthen his defense and batting lineup in both outfield and outfield. However, San Francisco believes Lee Jung-hoo is the right player for the role. It is up to Lee Jung-hoo who wants to show his true value.”

However, Lee Jung-hoo is not necessarily being viewed in a positive light. Many say that San Francisco Giants’ pay for Lee Jung-hoo is higher than expected. Controversy over “overpay” is naturally following. The average annual salary of 18.8 million U.S. dollars is among the highest in the team.

“Blitzer Report” introduced “10 contracts that will be a nightmare by 2026” on the 3rd. The top 10 contracts that will be nightmares were selected and introduced in detail, but Lee Jung-hoo’s six-year, $113 million contract was not included in the 10 contracts but was mentioned as an exception.

“For Lee Jung-hoo, who was batting .340 for seven seasons in the KBO, a six-year contract worth an average of 18.8 million dollars per year can be a huge deal,” Bleacher Report said. “However, if Lee Jung-hoo has a hard time adjusting to the ball of Major League pitchers, a backroad contract after the middle of the contract will be a problem for San Francisco. San Francisco has traditionally avoided such long-term contracts.”

The backroad payment method is a method of increasing the annual salary toward the end of the contract. The down payment is $5 million and he will receive an annual salary of $7 million in 2024. It is a structure in which he is paid $16 million in 2025, $22 million in 2026-2027, and $20.5 million in 2028-2029. An opt-out clause is also included after the fourth year of the 2027 season. If Lee Jung-hoo has difficulty adapting to his debut, San Francisco’s contract could eventually become a headache.

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