Tottenham defender Eric Dier’s transfer to Bayern Munich seems to be close.

Florian Plattenberg of the German Sky Sports, who is well-versed in the news, posted on his SNS account on Wednesday (Korea time), “Bayern put Dyer on the list. We have reached a verbal agreement. It is possible to transfer permanently. The official contract is not yet complete, but Dyer wants to join Bayern right away.” “The contract period is at least until 2025, and the transfer fee will be less than 5 million euros (approximately 7.2 billion won),” he said, adding that manager Thomas Tuchel had a conversation with Dyer. Bayern plans to hire Dyer as a center back and defensive midfielder. Lastly, “Tottenham also turned on the green light. Everything is ready. Bayern will only make the final decision.” Plattenberg is considered a top-tier journalist on Bayern. When Kim Min-jae transferred to Bayern last summer, he also had a lot of news.마카오토토

Fabrizio Romano, who boasts the highest public confidence in the European transfer market, also predicted that Dier will go to Bayern. Romano wrote on his social media on Wednesday, “Dier is on Bayern’s list of recruits. Tottenham also left the door open for Dier to leave. We will let Dier leave. Bayern will decide who it wants within a few days.” Romano makes the phrase “here we go” as his trademark when he is certain to transfer.

Tottenham has chosen a major change this season. They sent Harry Winks to Leicester City and Jafet Tanganga to Augsburg. Jed Spence and Sergio Reguilon went on loan with Leeds and Manchester United, respectively. Above all, they successfully settled down Tanguy Ndombele and Davinson Sanchez, the “club record” duo of humiliation. Tottenham announced their breakup with Ndombele and Sanchez on Wednesday. Ndombele is on loan for one season and Sanchez is a complete transfer. The two have built new nests in Turkiyen champion Galatasaray. Midfielder Ndombele has been fully transferred for 12.8 million pounds after loan. Center back Sanchez has completely transferred for 8.1 million pounds. The contract period is four years.

The two players were highly anticipated by Tottenham. When he moved to Tottenham, he broke his highest transfer fee. Sanchez transferred from Ajax in the Netherlands for 42 million pounds including an option in August 2017. However, he failed to meet expectations. During his six seasons, he played in only 142 matches in the English Premier League. He often makes absurd mistakes and makes his team sigh, becoming a bit of a cry. Ndombele started accompanying Tottenham in July 2019. The transfer fee was 65 million pounds including options. However, Ndombele only scored 10 goals in 91 games during the two and a half seasons. He was loaned to his former club Olympique Lyon in the second half of the 2021-2022 season. He left for Napoli again during the 2022-2023 season. At first, Postecoglou thought of naming Ndombele. However, he completely turned to his insincere attitude toward training.

The team became more cohesive by organizing Sanchez and Ndombele. Sanchez has heard of the team several times due to lack of concentration, and Ndombele’s insincere attitude and insincere performance are well known. The departure of the two has made Tottenham more encouraged by the good atmosphere.

The last players left were Dyer and Hugo Lloris. Lloris recently decided on his destination. He terminated his contract with Tottenham at the end of last year and moved to LA FC in the U.S. Major League Soccer. Tom Bogert, an MLS reporter for The Athletic, appeared on the Cut Offside podcast on Monday and said that players, officials and fans in the MLS are all shocked by Lloris’ salary. “I receive an annual salary of only 350,000 dollars.” In terms of weekly salary, it is 5,000 dollars and 7 million won in Korean won, which is known to be around the level of the K-League’s top tier

What was left was Dyer. Dyer was the No. 1 release list. As soon as Enze Postecoglou took office, he prepared for a major reform, except for Dyer. Dyer had strong trust from Antonio Conte until last season. Dyer was a key resource in the three-back team. However, he was blamed for Tottenham’s poor performance due to its continuous slump. He made frequent mistakes throughout the offense and defense, including slow feet and unstable build-ups. Despite his poor performance, Dyer’s influence in the locker room did not diminish. Dyer, who belonged to the leadership group along with Harry Kane, was criticized for his actions and actions that broke the team’s chemistry several times with his inappropriate leadership.

Dyer initially thought he would say goodbye to Tottenham this summer, but he will continue his career at Tottenham by making a 25-member roster. Dyer is an English national, but he is unique in that he was named non-homegrown due to his childhood in Sporting Lisbon, Portugal. Dyer’s primary choice was to stay. “I will be at Tottenham. The best times will come. Jan Vertonghen and Moussa Dembele also had their prime years in their early 30s,” he said.

However, Postecoglou’s attitude was stubborn. He rarely gave Dyer a chance this season. He treated him as an outsider. In the meantime, Van der Benn completely filled Dyer’s void. Tottenham’s defense has become more solid. Dyer was finally given a chance due to disciplinary action and injury by his main defenders. However, he did not change the undervaluation surrounding him. In the last match against Chelsea, Christian Romero was sent off with a red card and rushed to the ground, but failed to do his part. He showed diligent movement throughout the offense and defense, but he failed to prevent a 1-4 defeat due to an extra run at the last minute. In the ensuing match against Wolverhampton, he was given a chance to start due to Van der Benn’s injury, but in this match, he also failed to concentrate and allowed two goals.

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