Kim Jae-hwan, 36, a slugger of the Doosan Bears, vowed to revive himself at Kang Jung-ho School in Los Angeles. He threw his hat into the ring, saying, “I will make a resurgence in 2024 season, live up to Doosan fans, and even win the Korean Series.”

The 2022 professional baseball game between Lotte and Doosan held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on July 28, 2022. Kim Jae-hwan

Kim Jae-hwan became the second KBO leaguer at the Kang Jung-ho School after Son Ah-seop (36, NC Dinos). He returned to Kang Jung-ho’s training facility in Los Angeles, the U.S., and conducted training for about a month. During the training, he took some time to appear on Kang Jung-ho’s YouTube channel, King_Kang.헤라카지노

Kim Jae-hwan said in a video clip released on Kang Jung-ho’s King_Kang on Monday, “I wanted to come when the season started. He watched my swing video and told me the point. I thought I should go. I came without hesitation.”

Kim was not close to Kang. However, a video clip in which Kang identified problems by comparing Kim’s past batting video with that of the 2023 season on YouTube became a hot topic of conversation. “At first, I didn’t feel good,” Kim said. “He pointed out what I was agonizing over four to five years ago. I thought a lot about it, but I think I will find a clue, so I came with confidence.”

As a result, Kim received his contact information with Yang Eui-ji’s help. Kim’s satisfaction level is considerable. “I feel that he researches a lot every day. I thought he would teach me according to his own experience, but he didn’t. When I talk to him and practice, I feel that he studied me a lot. I have gained trust that he can leave me to him.”

I am willing to come to Kang Jung-ho School next year. “I can’t tell you that I will come easily. It would not be a bad idea to come again next year. I already told my wife,” Kim said. “While practicing, I thought, ‘This is definitely not it,’ but I realized, ‘This is not it,’ while working with my brother. I have improved a lot while practicing with my brother.”

Kang also highly appreciated Kim’s passion. “I watch videos and discuss them every day. I am looking for something that suits me well. What Son and Kim have in common is that they came at a time when they peaked and slightly declined. And they have a strong will to go back to their best. I feel something is different about good players. I hope these players learn from me,” he said.

Kang spends his days by intensively training with Kim in the morning and continuing lessons with other members in the afternoon. “One morning, I went home after training and suddenly contacted me and asked if I could go again in the evening. I thought he was determined to do well. I hope Doosan fans know that. I will work harder and send it to Korea,” he said.

Kim Jae-hwan and Kang Jung-ho raised three fingers at the same time as their goal for this season. In other words, they have achieved 30 home runs. After hitting exactly 30 home runs in the 2020 season, the team failed to achieve the goal in the last three years. However, Kim said, “If I was satisfied with the 20 home runs, I would not have come to Kang Jung-ho School in the first place.”

Kim Jae-hwan said, “I didn’t know Jung-ho’s contact information so far, and I had a meal at the ballpark and said hello. We spent a lot of time together here and became close. If you come to King Kang Baseball, you should go with 30 home runs instead of 20 home runs.”

However, 30 home runs is only an interim goal, not a goal. Kim’s goal for this season is for Doosan to win the Korean Series. When Kang asked if he could win the championship by hitting .210 million or five home runs, Kim firmly said he would not win the championship.

In other words, Doosan can challenge to win the Korean Series if it hits about 30 home runs on its own. Therefore, he thought that 30 home runs and Doosan’s win could not be separated. “That’s natural. If you hit 30 home runs and don’t win, you have to come back here. Then you have to let Doosan hit 40 home runs,” Kim Jae-hwan said.

The 2023 professional baseball game between Samsung and Doosan at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on September 8, 2023. Kim Jae-hwan/My Daily

Kang said, “If we make it the way we have been doing now, we can hit it enough.” Kim Jae-hwan then said, “I want to improve my individual performance and contribute to winning the championship that Doosan always aims for. I will prepare harder so that it can be an interesting season.”

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