Ko Woo-suk eventually signed with the San Diego Padres.

Daewoo`s treatment is not of a surprising scale. It costs 4.5 million U.S. dollars for two years and about 5.9 billion won (approx.헤라카지노

It is a decent treatment for a player who is not well known in the big league, but it is a somewhat disappointing amount compared to his reputation in the KBO.

Ko Woo-seok, however, can promise two years from now. There is a mutual option in 2026, but there is little possibility that Ko Woo-seok will exercise it. He will try to be evaluated properly in the FA market.

Ko Woo-suk can be like Merrill Kelly, who is considered the best reverse export in the KBO.

Kelly signed a 2+2 year contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks ahead of the 2019 season.

Kelly received an annual salary of $2 million in 2019 and $3 million in 2020 during the guaranteed contract period. It was similar to Ko Woo-suk.

Kelly played for two years. In response, Arizona exercised its club options, and Kelly pocketed $4.25 million in 2021, and $5.25 million in 2022.

Kelly then signed a two-year, $18 million extension with Arizona. The average annual salary is $9 million.

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