Cheonan City FC appointed senior coach Kim Chi-woo, coach Seo Joo-hang, and GK coach Jung Sung-yoon as coaches to lead the team with head coach Kim Tae-wan.

Since his professional debut in Incheon in 2004, he has played in South Jeolla Province, Seoul, Sangju Sangmu and Busan and has played in 380 K-League games for 16 years. He also has a history of playing for the national team in famous international competitions such as the Olympics, Asian Games, and World Cup Asian qualifiers. Head coach Kim Chi-woo, who served as the Gimcheon Sangmu coach from 2021 to 2023, is expected to quickly reorganize Cheonan by adding his outstanding career and experience in assisting Kim Tae-wan.랭크카지노

Coach Seo Ju-hang started playing soccer in Brazil and went to South Jeolla Province and Gwangju after joining Incheon in 2004. He became the first coach of the Gwangju FC physical assist team from 2013 to 2016, and gained experience as a coach of the Gangneung Citizens’ Soccer Team in the 2023 season. GK coach Jung Sung-yoon has coached players at the Busan Sangmu Women’s Soccer Team and the Boeun Sangmu Women’s Soccer Team since 2013, and served as GK coach in Gimcheon Sangmu in 2023.

“It feels fresh to be with Kim Tae-wan again. I will do my best to help Kim and his team achieve what we want in 2024,” said Kim Chi-woo, a senior coach who joined Cheonan.

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