Chicago White Sox right-hander Dylan Cice (28) is drawing attention in the trade market.

Major League Baseball columnist John Morosi appeared on “MLB Network” on the 2nd local time, calling Sith “the best pitcher on the trade market right now.”월카지노

Ciss appeared in 123 games with the White Sox in five major league seasons, 43-35 with a 3.83 ERA.

The year 2022 was in its heyday. He pitched 184 innings in 32 games, recording 14 wins and eight losses with a 2.20 ERA and ranking second in voting for the American League Cy Young Award.

The year 2023 fell short of last year’s performance. He pitched in 177 games in 33 games and posted a sensational record of 7-9 with an ERA of 4.58.

Still, Morosi said that Sith’s strikeout ratio (11.1 per nine innings in 2022/10.9 in 2023) remains, and he is still popular in the trade market, citing his proven durability by throwing 165 or more innings for three consecutive seasons.

In addition, the fact that this year is the second year of salary adjustment, and if he is recruited now, he can exercise his holding rights for two years is also raising his stock price.

Which teams are showing interest? Morrissey singled out the Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners.

Baltimore, which ranked first in the American League East last season, needs to beef up its starting lineup to fill the vacancies of Kyle Gibson and Jack Pleasanti, who left the team after becoming an FA. Now that it has realized the limitations of its ace absence in the postseason, chances are high that it is looking for a pitcher with a strong presence.

Seattle has no recruitment to make a big impact, except for recruiting Mitch Garver so far.

Morosi predicted their move, saying that if Seattle recruits Sith through a trade, it will be able to use other young starters such as Bryce Miller and Brian Woo to recruit hitters who can affect the team in a trade.

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