Samsung did not complete the formation of foreign players until the end of 2023. Then 2024 began.

There is only one foreign pitcher left. In addition, there is a fixed number of players to sign. Nevertheless, news of the completion of the contract is not easily heard.

Samsung has been seeking to renew its contract with David Buchanan early on. Buchanan is a long-time outsider who has been wearing blue uniforms for four consecutive seasons through 2023 since his first relationship with Samsung in 2020.월카지노

Buchanan, who broke Samsung’s foreign pitcher nightmare with 15 wins, 7 losses and 3.45 ERA in 2020, recorded 16 wins (5 losses) in 2021, making him the first foreign pitcher in Samsung’s history to achieve multiple wins.

In 2022, he won 11 games (8 losses) and won 12 games (8 losses) last year, steadily increasing double-digit wins.

Given these performances, it is natural for Samsung to want to accompany Buchanan.

However, Buchanan has rarely signed an “OK” sign. Samsung is offering the best conditions for Buchanan. He also expressed his sincere feelings through an in-person meeting. However, such attempts do not seem to be as good as Buchanan’s castle yet. This is why Samsung is also a concern.

Samsung recruited new foreign pitcher Connor Seabold as Buchanan’s mate.

He brought in a full $1 million cap on recruiting foreign players (down payment of $100,000, annual salary of $800,000, incentive of $100,000).

Above all, Seabold is an active major leaguer who recorded one win, seven losses and a 7.52 ERA in 87.1 innings for Colorado in the 2023 season of Major League Baseball.

Samsung, which lost its pride by ranking eighth in the 2023 season, is determined to rebound.

Now, if only Buchanan is signed, Samsung will be able to prepare for the new season by completing all external composition.

However, the longer the negotiation period with Buchanan is, the more Samsung has to think about alternatives. Attention is focusing on how Buchanan and Samsung’s companionship will continue.

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