The 2023 KBO League has been longer than ever. Starting with the WBC and the Asian Baseball Championship, baseball has been full of issues for almost a year.

In response, baseball fans enthusiastically responded to the players by entering the stadium. Baseball fans who constantly supported, regardless of their poor performances or performance on the international stage, continued to see explosive ratings of JTBC’s strongest baseball Monster, proving that Korea and baseball are inextricably linked. As a result, it has become undeniable that youth baseball players and Little Baseball players have steadily increased their skills.월카지노

Korea, which has been forced to live in baseball all year and die in baseball. In it, I would like to identify the top 10 KBO league issues selected by MHN Sports.

Top 10 news in the 2023 KBO League,

Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong’s battle for truth

The truth battle between San Diego Padres Kim Ha-sung and former baseball player Lim Hye-dong continues. Earlier, MHN Sports reported exclusively that Kim Ha-sung submitted a complaint to the police after receiving threats of blackmail from Lim Hye-dong in the afternoon of the 6th.

Kim Ha-sung claimed that he delivered the settlement money after having a physical fight with Lim Hye-dong while drinking at a bar in Gangnam-gu, Seoul in 2021. However, when Lim Hye-dong continued to demand money and valuables even after receiving the settlement money worth 400 million won, he judged that it was a threat of empty lecture. He sued Lim to prevent further damage.

Lim Hye-dong also appeared on a YouTube channel on the 7th and revealed, “In addition to drinking, I was repeatedly assaulted by Kim Ha-sung.”

According to the contents, Lim Hye-dong said, “What Kim Ha-sung did best was to ruthlessly assault me and kneel down. I was severely beaten three times, and throwing a bottle at a drinking party, including a minor assault, or hitting me in the back of the head while driving was common.”

Since then, Im Hye-dong has also released photos of his assault through multiple media outlets. However, Kim Ha-sung said, “It is a domestic violence wound that Lim Hye-dong suffered,” and Lim Hye-dong said, “It is evidence of Kim Ha-sung’s assault.”

In the end, Kim Ha-sung’s legal representative filed an additional complaint against Lim Hye-dong on charges of violating the Information and Communication Network Act (defamation). Kim Ha-sung, a legal representative, explained, “I filed a complaint against Lim Hye-dong for violating the Information and Communication Network Act (defamation) for spreading false facts related to Kim Ha-sung through a number of interviews and reporting false evidence photos to the media.”

After Kim Ha-sung’s additional complaint, Lim Hye-dong was summoned as a defendant at the Gangnam Police Station on the 20th and 21st after being banned from leaving the country on the 13th, and was questioned for 10 hours.

So far, the police have investigated five people around them, including Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong. Those who were questioned as testifiers are known to be professional baseball players and executives and employees of agents.

If necessary, the police plan to call Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong to review the process of cross-examination. The police explained, “The cross-examination is basically a part that needs to be reviewed in the process.”

The police then said, “The defendant, Lim Hye-dong, claims that the complaint is different from some facts,” adding, “We will determine whether the allegations exist through a reference investigation, account transaction details, and cell phone forensics.”

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