“I selected Lee based on his performance in the national team. He always did a good job.”

The Korea Football Association announced the final 26 entries for the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at CGV Yongsan on the 28th.랭크카지노

There was also a surprise selection with some expected players on the list. Among them, some players were active in their teams, while others did not get a chance to play recently.

Lee Ki-je of Suwon Samsung is a unique case in which he has consistently started and played in the national team but was neglected by his team Suwon. Lee consistently made his name through November under the Klinsmann system, which started in March.

Lee has monopolized the love of Jürgen Klinsmann. He has played in a total of nine A matches since taking office in March. He has played in all matches except for the match against El Salvador.

However, it is worrisome that he has not shown up at all in his team other than the national team. There will inevitably be a question mark about his sense of play in the game. It is natural that the standard for selecting a member of the national team is based on his or her performance in the team.

Lee Ki-je scored two goals and four assists in 31 games in Suwon in the 2023 season. However, since the match against Incheon United on September 30, he has never had a chance to play until early December.

“I know that he had a tough season in his team. We can’t care about why he didn’t play. I don’t know what happened. Of course, I know he didn’t fall behind,” Klinsmann said of Lee.

“Lee Ki-je is a player who has displayed his attitude every time he convened the national team and performed his role in the game. He has fully played his role. And he has displayed a professional attitude,” he added.

Side defenders are just as important as defensive midfielders in current football trends. It is also a position that requires all aspects of activity, speed, defense, and attack in a situation where building up is important.

Perhaps coach Klinsmann selected Kim Jin-soo as a left-side defender, following Lee Ki-je, and chose stability rather than adventure in the Asian Cup. He also selected and experimented with several players, but in the end, he preferred experienced players such as Lee Ki-je and Kim Jin-soo.

“I always had concerns about left and right fullbacks. I tried to find young players, and as a result, I was able to consistently hire Seol Young-woo. The left side will be joined by Lee Ki-je and Kim Jin-su until the Asian Cup. I think the two players will show what they have at the Asian Cup,” Klinsmann said. “When we are having difficulties in our team, I think we should if we can help. I selected based on my performance in the national team, and Lee Ki-je has always been good to me.”

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