If Kim Ha-sung is traded, the Boston Red Sox are the most suitable.

Bleacher Report predicted the best destination for 15 players with trade rumors circulating on the 27th (local time).월카지노

Blitzer Report quoted USA Today’s Bob Nightingale as saying the best destination was Boston.

“Kim Ha-sung, who showed solid performance in 2022, raised his attack to a higher level this year,” Bleacher Report said, adding, “His 0.749 OPS is a new personal best with 17 home runs and 38 stolen bases.”

Bleacher Report continued, “But what Kim Ha-sung does best is defense. He won his first gold glove this year. His OAA shows how badly Boston needed him this year,” adding, “The end of his contract after the 2024 season will coincide with the time when top prospect Marcelo Mayer prepares to advance to the big leagues.”

Kim Ha-sung can be used until Mayer comes up to the big league.

Bleacher Report added that the San Francisco Giants and Cleveland Guardians are the best teams for Kim Ha-sung after San Francisco.

The Bleacher Report quoted Mark Finsand of MLB.COM as saying Jake Cronenworth’s top destination was the Toronto Blue Jays.

Regarding Cronenworth, Bleacher Report claimed, “San Diego tested Cronenworth as a regular first baseman, but it didn’t work. However, if he returns to second base, he will be able to make a $80 million ransom over the next seven seasons.”

“It is not surprising to hear that Cronenworth was on Toronto’s radar,” he said. “Even after renewing contract with Kevin Kiermaier, Toronto needs left-handed infielders. If Cronenworth is hired, Toronto will have the option of transferring rookie Davis Schneider to third baseman.”

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