Sales of MD (Merchandise) products (related products such as uniforms and mufflers) of the Korean national soccer team A match in 2023 recorded the highest ever KRW 1 billion. This is why the “football atmosphere” has changed significantly compared to the previous one, with the square filled before the spectators and the number of young and female audiences increasing significantly on each match day.

Last year, the Korea Football Association (KFA) launched an integrated marketing platform called PlayKFA, which combines A match tickets, national team uniforms, products, and membership, and recorded about 1 billion won in MD sales this year, including online sales through the site and offline sales sold on the day of A match.랭크카지노

This is a nearly 20% increase from last year’s sales of about 800 million won. Before the “PlayKFA” business, the largest MD sales ever recorded in 2018 were about 550 million won.

In addition, the number of PlayKFA members, which collected 340,000 in the first year of 2022, increased to 678,000 this year, a significant jump of about 99% in a year.

In fact, it can be seen at once that additional industries such as MD sales have developed remarkably at the stadium where the A match was held this year.

In the two consecutive A matches against Tunisia and Vietnam held in October, many fans lined up in MD stores four to five hours before kickoff, and major goods such as uniforms and mufflers ran out quickly.

In addition, people continued to visit various event experience booths, food and beverage food trucks, and photo zones set up with collaborators.

Previously, it was all about eating simple meals before the game, but now the stadium’s front yard itself has been transformed into a big market.

In line with this, KFA has set up various MD stores and related booths that have significantly increased the number of each game this year, and has worked hard to add goods exclusively for the women’s national team for the first time this year.

“The soccer field and surrounding culture have changed a lot this year. Now, many fans gather early to buy goods and take pictures, and enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium itself,” a KFA official said. “It is meaningful in that there is a new leisure culture beyond soccer.”

“It is also positive that the number of young and female fans has increased significantly, and the proportion of people coming to enjoy the game itself and its unique atmosphere, not the buzz of a specific strong team,” he said.

The number of spectators who visited this year’s A-match is about 357,000 in seven games, with ticket sales of about 18 billion won. Among them, there were not a few games against underdog teams without stars, such as the Vietnam match (October 17) and the Singapore match (November 16), but the atmosphere at the soccer field was always hot this year, and MD sales did not decrease.

Of course, there is room for further development. However, it is welcome news to Korean soccer that interest in the national team continues to heat up, with many spectators almost selling out every game, new culture of spectators taking root little by little, and the steady influx of new fans at the same time.

A KFA official said, “Since the MD business has been in full swing since the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we still have a lot of deficiencies. However, it is encouraging that the MD business is gradually developing and growing in terms of tickets and MD.”

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