If Kim Ha-sung is traded, he is likely to go to the San Francisco Giants.

San Diego media “Friars on Base” recently claimed that San Francisco, which is connected with manager Lee Jung-hoo, is the most suitable among the five clubs that need Kim Ha-sung.월카지노

The media said San Francisco should fill the gap of shortstop Brandon Crawford, who is likely to retire, and that the Giants are likely to be the most reliable new home for Kim Ha-sung.

Specifically, the media wrote that San Francisco can recruit Kim Ha-sung by giving first baseman and pitcher Bryce Eldridge, catcher and outfielder Blake Sabol and outfielder Luis Matos to San Diego.

Edridge is a “dodge” player who is expected to settle in MLB in 2027, and San Diego can have the effect of recruiting players like Shohei Ohtani if he raises them well, the media stressed.

In addition, Sabol and Matos can solve San Diego’s troubles that an outfielder needs immediately.

The media also said that the Boston Red Sox, which absolutely need a second baseman, could give San Diego a package of Blaise Jordan, outfielder Willier Abreu, and infielder Pablo Rayers, who can take on first and third bases in San Diego instead of receiving Kim Ha-sung.

The media added that the Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays, and New York Mets are teams that need Kim Ha-sung.

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