“I think it’s right to leave it here. It’s right to include Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants) or Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres) instead of me.”헤라카지노

Among baseball fans, “Chugangdaeyeop” has become a buzzword while discussing the ranking of Korean hitters in history. This means that Choo Shin-soo, Kang Jung-ho, Lee Dae-ho, and Lee Seung-yeop are in order.

Direct comparison is difficult because the four players each played in the Major League, Japanese professional baseball, and KBO League have different stages and different timings. Baseball fans weigh their performances in the top league, the Major League, and compare them against Japanese professional baseball and KBO league performances.

Thus, Lee Seung-yeop, the only player who did not play in the Major League, is in the back row. “Chugangdaeyeop” is not a problem that has no correct answer, but a problem that each player has different evaluation criteria. All four players are outstanding batters.

Kang Jung-ho said on his YouTube channel “Gangjeong-ho_King Kang” on the 23rd, “I can’t go in if I’m going to argue about hitting. It’s because there are so many good batters,” adding, “I think I went in because I made such a good performance as a shortstop.”

“When I look at the performance, I think Shin-soo is the first to go in. I think Lee Seung-yeop is next. 56 home runs are really great, and no one can ignore the record of 600 home runs or more,” he said.

Lee Dae-ho said, “Honestly, no one can beat Lee Seung-yeop. Seung-yeop is the best at hitting home runs. Let’s admit that. Then Yup should go to the front.”

“I admit that he has performed really well in the U.S. and has posted many good records as an Asian player for a long time,” he said. “If he decides to hit long balls, he can hit really far. As he is the first batter, he only focuses on getting on base, but if he decides to hit far, he hits farther than me.”

“I will compete next time (Lee Seung-yeop and Choo Shin-soo),” Lee Dae-ho, who picked himself as the third batter, said. “He was the best player in Korea. He is an optimized swing for fastballs. He has good wrist strength and points. On the other hand, his ability to handle breaking balls is not comparable to his capacity.”

“Daeho played the best part in the autumn, but I also think it’s right for him to join the team in the overall season,” Kang said. “If I can only count the number of hits, I can’t join the best part of the team at all. There are so many players who were good at it, so I think it’s right to leave the team.”

Kang was a notable player in the Major League, but he failed due to his habitual drunk driving. When he was playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Major League, he had a drunk driving accident somewhere in Gangnam, Seoul, in the winter of 2016, and even exchanged his driver for a hit-and-run. Due to this accident, he was even caught driving under the influence of alcohol in 2009 and 2011. After being informed of his release from the U.S., he sought to return to Korea but ended up removing his uniform due to strong opposition from the team.

“If I want to get good results, I need to take good care of myself, but I need to leave because I didn’t take good care of myself.” “Chu Gang-dae (Jeong-hoo) or “Chu Gang-dae Kim (Ha-sung) are right. Please fill this position with other players instead of me.”

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