Yuki Matsui, one of the best closing pitchers in the Japanese professional baseball, will wear the San Diego Padres uniform. He will share a meal with Yu Darvish and Kim Ha-sung, who have 197 wins in total between the U.S. and Japan.

The San Diego club officially announced its contract with Matsui on Monday (Korea time), saying, “Welcome to San Diego, Yuki Matsui!” (松井 裕樹投手、ようこそサンディエゴへ!). The five-year, 28-million-dollar contract is worth about 36.4 billion won.

Matsui, who started his professional career after being drafted by the Rakuten Golden Eagles in the first round of the rookie draft in the Japanese professional baseball in 2013, is currently the finishing pitcher representing Japan. Matsui started to take charge of the back door the following year after struggling to find the right clothes by starting pitcher and bullpen in his first season since his debut. He also pitched in 63 games from the first season after confirming his position, recording 3 wins, 2 losses, 12 holds, 33 saves, and an ERA of 0.87.월카지노

Matsui, in particular, was 22 years and 10 months old in the 2018 season when he became the youngest player in Japanese pro baseball history to achieve 100 saves, and enjoyed the joy of becoming the “save king” of the Pacific League with two wins, eight losses and 12 holds and 38 saves in 2019. It was the moment when he acquired his first title since his debut. He became the “save king” for the second time last year, and this year, he acquired the ninth and “youngest” 200 saves in Japanese history, beating Yasuaki Yamasaki (29 years and 10 months old).

Matsui became an overseas free agent (FA) to challenge the Major League after this season, and decided to challenge the big league for the sake of his “dream” by shaking off Rakuten’s love call. Initially, Matsui seemed to be most likely to go to the St. Louis Cardinals. As St. Louis had to reinforce its bullpen, local media strongly protested linking Matsui with the St. Louis Cardinals. However, the conditions San Diego suggested were even better.

Sports Hoch said on the 21st, “Matsui, who was hoping for a conclusion by the end of the year, has finally made a decision,” adding, “According to an official, he was offered a good condition worth 2 billion yen for three years from St. Louis, but San Diego was ahead in terms of conditions. It paid off in eight years with San Diego, which had been receiving hot attention since 2016, his third year of joining the club.”

As a bullpen pitcher, Matsui has succeeded in entering the Major League, although he is not comparable to the contracts of “fielders” Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants, six years, $113 million), “Idol” Shohei Ohtani (L.A. Dodgers, 10 years, $700 million), and “Starting” Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Dodgers, 12 years, $325 million). Matsui’s entry into the big league was first reported on the 20th.

Japan’s Sankei Sports reported, “Yuki Matsui has been transferred to the San Diego Padres. He has already undergone a medical test there, and his chances of becoming a teammate with Yu Darvish have increased.” The next day (21st), Sports Hoch said, “We have reached a basic agreement,” adding, “It is expected to be worth 3 billion yen (27.4 billion won) for a four-year total.” And when I opened the lid, it was 28 million dollars for five years, larger than originally reported.

“Matsui set a record by striking out 22 in a game at the 2012 national summer high school championship,” San Diego said. “He was the most popular player in the 2013 Japanese professional baseball rookie draft. He was selected as the 2013 U-18 Baseball World Cup, the 2015 WBSC Premier 12 and 2107 World Baseball Classics (WBC), the 2018 U.S.-Japan All-Star, the 2019 Premier 12 and 2023 WBC national teams,” pointing to Matsui’s brilliant history.

With Josh Hader heading to the FA market, San Diego, which was without a “finishing” pitcher, succeeded in reinforcing the “back door” by recruiting Matsui. He only played one game at the WBC, including difficulties adapting to the official ball of the Major League, but as his trip to San Diego has been finalized, he is more likely to take on the heavy responsibility of finishing. Therefore, one can see Darvish becoming the winning pitcher and Matsui harvesting saves.

Meanwhile, Matsui threw fastballs, sliders, changeups and curves of up to 154 kilometers, and played in 501 games in the Japanese professional baseball league in 2013, recording 25 wins, 46 losses, 76 holds, 236 saves, and an ERA of 2.40.

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