The Hanshin Tigers last renewed their annual contracts with right-handed pitcher Atsuki Yooasa on Monday. Yooasa, a former member of the Japanese national team at the World Baseball Classic, signed an annual contract of 47 million yen, the same as this year. He posted 43 holds (2 wins and 3 losses) and an earned run average of 1.09 in 59 games last year, but pitched in only 15 games this year due to injury.

This season, Hanshin ranked No. 1 in the Central League and even won the Japan Series. In the Japan Series, he beat the Orix Buffaloes, the winner of the Pacific League based in Kansai, by winning four games and losing three. In the seventh game with three wins and three losses, he scored 12 hits to secure a 7-1 complete victory. He grabbed the top title for the first time in 38 years after winning his first title in 1985.월카지노

Akinobu Okada, the main batter in 1985, won the title as both a player and a coach. It was all the more impressive as he experienced a disastrous failure in 2005. Hanshin Tigers of Okada lost to Chiba Lotte Marines in the Japan Series in 2005. He scored four runs while allowing 33 runs in four games.

Players’ annual salaries soared due to the victory. The total annual salary of the team increased by 835.6 million yen (7.62 billion won).

Salaries of key players have skyrocketed. Shoki Murakami, 25, who won both the Central League Rookie of the Year and the MVP award, saw his salary increase by 60 million yen from 7 million yen to 67 million yen. The figure represents an increase of 875.

Murakami, who joined the club in 2021, has recorded only one loss in two years, and has won 10 games (six) this season. He ranks first in the Central League with an ERA of 1.76.

Japan Series MVP Koji Chikamoto (29) signed a 320 million yen contract, up 150 million yen from 170 million yen. He is the highest-paid player among Hanshin players. He is the fastest-ever Hanshin player to surpass 300 million yen.

Another main batter, Yusuke Oyama, will receive 280 million yen, up 150 million yen from 130 million yen. Oyama played as the fourth batter in 143 games, posting a batting average of 288-146 hits, 19 homers and 78 RBIs.

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