“Let me toast to winning the LG Twins. You gave me this opportunity with the LG Twins, who won for the first time in 29 years. Enjoy!”

There are days when the winning team’s bus driver creates a dinner party at the home of the winning team of the Korean Series, and the team pays a heavy price for the bus drivers, saying that they have worked hard throughout the year. It is the dinner day of the “89th meeting,” a group of bus drivers from the Korean professional baseball team. The IlQ Yukgong (1q60) team attended the dinner for the 8th meeting held in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 6th. What did the drivers who ran across the country for the 2023 season talk about on the day.헤라카지노

Formed in 1990, the association started out as a group of bus drivers from eight clubs. It was formed to cope with situations such as mutual support, promotion of friendship, and breakdown of cars during an expedition. Currently, bus drivers from 10 clubs, including NC Dinos, founded in 2011, and KT Wiz, founded in 2013, are gathered, but the name is still “89 association.” It is to maintain its symbolism as it is named after the “Ilguhoe,” a group of senior professional baseball players.

Each club has four members, a total of 40. According to the National Association of Bus Transport Associations, as of the end of September, there were 99,139 bus drivers nationwide, including city, rural, out-of-town, and express bus drivers, and the association is one of the top 0.04% of bus drivers nationwide. Perhaps that’s why I have a lot of pride in my job. “I’m 48 years old this year, but I’ve been driving a bus since I was 27 years old,” said Kim Jae-il, a 48-year-old Kia Tigers bus driver. “Since I’m a driver, others can easily see us. But I personally think I’m a great person just to be in the top 40,” he said, showing off his strong affection for his team and job.

Kiwoom Heroes bus heading to the ballpark.

LG Twins Card paid for the first time in 29 years that it paid for the company dinner for the 89th meeting.

As players, coaches, and coaches have to travel around the country during the baseball season, the fate of an octogenarian chauffeur is to adjust his or her daily schedule to match 144 games during the regular season. For this reason, he or she spends about 80 days outside his or her home during 144 games.

KT Wiz bus driver Noh Ki-joon (50) said, “I can’t go home for 80 to 85 days during the season because of away games. If I go to Korea for off-season training, I have to go there for another month, so I don’t spend much time at home.”

Kiwoom Heroes bus driver Lee Jin-gu (54) also said, “In such a case, you may not be able to go home even for 200 days out of the year,” adding, “The difficulty is that you can’t go home. If an away game is scheduled when you have a mother’s anniversary or a family event, you can’t go home again. It’s because we have only one schedule to go on an away trip.”

Since the eight-ninth dinner is held under the supervision of the Korean Series winning team’s driver, the main characters of each dinner are by far the winning team’s drivers.

Kim Sang-geol, 52, who has been a bus driver for the LG Twins for 14 years, said, “I won the title in 29 years. It was my first time in 14 years since joining the company.” “I won the regular season title in Busan, and I was there with the players at the stadium. I gave my players hugs and congratulations. But I was outside when I won the Korean Series. It feels different to win the title.”

LG Twins pitcher Son Eun-soo (52) also said, “We won the regular season championship in the bus bound for Busan when the second-ranked KT Wiz and the third-ranked NC Dinos both lost. When the championship was confirmed, the players just cheered,” adding, “I wanted to raise my hand and cheer together because I was driving. It was so nice. In my case, I was excited even when I entered the hotel.”

The vivid story of the bus drivers of the eight-ball association, which can be said to be the “hidden protagonists” in the development of Korean professional baseball, can be found on the YouTube channel Ilkyu Yukgong (1q60) of the Seoul Economic Daily.

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