It has been revealed that A, a referee executive of the Korea Football Association (KFA), abused his junior referee B. (My Daily reported exclusively on December 20)랭크카지노

He used abusive language when he said he didn’t answer the phone. This happened on Aug. 9. B had too much mental pain. On Sept. 18, B received psychiatric treatment (photo).

B visited the KFA referee management team on October 16 and announced what he had suffered. When the case became public, another referee E acted as a mediator.

The next day, on October 17, B and E had their first phone conversation. Then, on November 3, they met and had a conversation. The last phone conversation was held between the two on December 2. A judgment committee was held on December 14 and the case was decided to be referred to the Fair Trade Commission.

E explained this process.

On October 17, we made our first call after recognizing the incident. A tried to apologize and mediate directly to B.

October 24. This was reported to KFA Vice Chairman Kim Jung-bae.

November 3. The meeting reported to the vice chairman and communicated related matters to B.

November 21. An internal decision to go through administrative procedures will be made, and the agenda will be presented from the subcommittee on adjudication to the Fair Trade Commission.

On December 2, B recognized the situation in which he distrusted the judging committee, and accordingly, he talked about submitting the agenda to the Fair Trade Commission. B was asked to deliver the above and submit the necessary data to the Fair Trade Commission.

December 14. A judging committee was held and decided to refer it to the fair committee, and the relevant information was delivered.

Did it go as E explained.

First call on October 17. A tried to apologize and mediate directly to B. It is something that can be done as an executive. To summarize E’s main remarks, it is as follows.

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