The Russian Football Association voted for and against leaving UEFA and joining the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), but it was unanimously rejected.랭크카지노

According to Tas news agency on the 20th (local time), Akmed Idamirov, vice president of the Russian Football Association, said, “We have decided not to move to Asia. Everyone supported the decision unanimously.” He then said, “We will fight to be included in Europe. Russia is Europe. We will win.”

Russia has been disqualified from Uefa four days after its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Russia has lost its qualification to participate in the UEFA competition, as well as its qualification for the European Football Championship (EURO) 2024 tournament. As a result, the Russian Football Association is striving to re-acquire Uefa membership. In the process, there was a discussion about moving to AFC, but it was unanimously rejected in an internal vote.

The decision was apparently motivated by a prediction that FIFA would not approve Russia’s membership in the AFC. “We voted unanimously against FIFA because it does not guarantee us membership in the AFC,” said Mikhail Gershkovic, a member of the Russian Football Association. “We have to wait and see how things will turn out next year,” he said, hoping to return to UEFA.

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