Kim Tae-ryong, general manager of the Doosan Bears in the KBO League, has been promoted from executive director to vice president.헤라카지노

Doosan released an official press release on the 20th, saying, “Kim Tae-ryong has been promoted to vice president. The general manager position of the baseball team has remained the same, and the position within Doosan Group has been changed from executive director to vice president.”

Kim Tae-ryong, a former baseball player, joined the Doosan Bears in 1990 and worked as a front desk manager, manager of the team, and head of the team’s management and public relations department. Since his inauguration as the general manager in 2011, he has laid the foundation for the Bears’ Hustle-Doo and Hwajoon Baseball.

Since Kim Tae-ryong became the head of the front office, Doosan has achieved the results of advancing to the Korean Series for seven consecutive years from 2015 to 2021, winning the 2013 Korean Series, winning the 2015 Korean Series, and winning the 2016 and 2019 regular league Korean Series integration.

After being promoted to Doosan Group’s executive director in June 2016, general manager Kim Tae-ryong will head the front desk of the baseball team at a higher position as vice president for the first time in seven years and six months.

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