Lee Eui-ri has matured mentally after this season. He is relaxed and does his best at his work. It is not an easy decision to fly to the U.S. during an inactive period even at the age when you want to rest and want to. This is because Lee Eui-ri only plays baseball all year round.

After joining the WBC in February at the spring camp, he started the opening game full-time and played until the APBC in November. And while everyone else is off during the off-season, the ace will head to the U.S.헤라카지노

He headed to Incheon International Airport to meet Lee Eui-ri, who is flying to the U.S. to participate in the U.S. driving line. As soon as he met Lee, he asked if he was having a hard time. Then, he said, “It’s okay. I like playing baseball.” His hobby is baseball, his specialty is baseball, and his aptitude is baseball.

I was wondering why the best left-handed fireballer in Korea, who is nearly 155 kilometers long, participates in the driving line. When he joked that he wanted to throw 160 kilometers, Lee said, “I don’t go there to speed up the ball. I go there to learn baseball.”

“Overall, I was disappointed,” Lee says about the eventful 2023. He has won 10 games in a row, but he is not satisfied with his performance. The most regrettable part is his ball control. Obviously, he lacked ball control, but Lee displayed improved ball control after his finger injury. Lee’s pitching is divided into before and after finger injury.

He pitched well against the Japanese national team at APBC (two runs in six innings). Notably, he strongly criticized the Japanese team with only his fastball against Mannami, who hit a home run against him, which impressed baseball fans a lot.

Regarding this, Lee Eui-ri says, “Isn’t it just a matter of mind?” Lee’s diagnosis is that the mechanism of the first half and the second half has not changed. The same is true of national team matches. In fact, Lee had never been told that his ball control was not good even when he was at Gwangju Jeil High School.

“It’s not that I got any better, but I think it’s because I just worked hard without thinking about anything that led to a good result. I think my biggest gain was that I had a good last appearance this season,” he said.

He participated in international competitions every year, but this APBC was special. This is because he started against Japan for the first time. Lee Eui-ri said that when he was decided to start, he thought, “I can have fun.” And when he played against Japan, he recalled that time, “It was really fun because Japanese batters were so good at baseball.”

In that sense, I think it would have been a shame that I couldn’t play against Ohtani, a 700 million-dollar man, at the WBC in March. Lee Eui-ri shook her head gently and said, “At the time, I wasn’t in a good condition. Before I played against anyone, I was in a bad condition. That’s the most unfortunate, but I’m not sorry that I didn’t have a proper head-to-head match with Ohtani.”

Recently, Asian players are rushing to go overseas. It seems that several players, including Yamamoto, Lee Jung-hoo and Imanaga, are entering MLB with a large amount of money.

Now, the U.S. fans seem to give preferential treatment to Asian players. In this regard, Lee Eui-ri, a young pitcher who throws fast balls over 150 kilometers, could be a candidate four years later. That’s because a left-hander who can throw 155 kilometers is always precious.

However, Lee said, “The U.S. is not a place where you can go even if you want to go. We just have to see what happens in four to five years as it goes. Right now, I’m focusing more on next season.”

As for his goal for next season, he stressed that he will unconditionally improve from this year’s. I don’t want to deal with the mechanism in particular.

I think the priority is to be stronger mentally and not to be sick. After returning to Korea on January 20, he will depart again for the KIA Tigers’ spring camp.

Before getting on the plane, Lee Eui-ri said, “I’m sorry that the team can’t go to fall baseball this season. I’ll do my best to do well next year so that I can go to fall baseball. I hope the fans look forward to it,” and headed to the K041 plane to the U.S.

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