The recruitment of Yoshinobu Yamamoto, which is about to be decided, is in full swing. The ransom is so high that it is doubtful whether this is the right amount. According to the media atmosphere in the United States, $300 million seems to be the starting point, not the ending point.

MLB Network’s Joel Sherman told The New York Post on Sunday that the bid for Yamamoto will be fiercer this week. That means he has a lot of life this weekend. Sherman reported that Yamamoto had his second meeting with the Mets’ management on Saturday. He had dinner at the home of Mets owner Steve Cohen in Connecticut.월카지노

Besides Cohen, president of baseball operations David Stearns, manager Carlos Mendoza, and pitching coach Jeremy Hefner were also present. Earlier this month, Cohen and Stearns had flown to Japan to meet Yamamoto and his family.

However, the Mets are not the only team that met Yamamoto this weekend. The Yankees have their second meeting with Yamamoto today, according to MLB network John Hayman. USA Today’s Bob Knightengale wrote that the Yankees “continue to be the favorite” to sign Yamamoto. Hayman recently named the Yankees and the Dodgers the “co-championship” to sign Yamamoto.

However, former general manager John Bowden sealed the situation. Yamamoto may be able to sign a 14-year contract. Jim Bowden also reported on his Twitter account on December 17 that the Giants and Red Sox offered more than $300 million.

This basis is based on a fierce recruitment war. Even in the United States, where the economy is enormous, the richest clubs face off, and the ransom is soaring. Teams that are more desperate than Ohtani are rushing to Yamamoto.

The most active is the New York Mets. They are approaching Yamamoto with their enormous financial power. Many predict that $350 million will be enough. The club that San Francisco, which was active in Lee Jung-hoo, recruited Lee Jung-hoo is also the Mets.

On top of that, the Yankees have been enthusiastic about Yamamoto enough to say that Bob Nightingale is the most likely team. If Soto and Grisham are already acquired through trade, Yamamoto can improve next season’s performance. We need Yamamoto even more this year because we don’t know what will happen if Soto becomes a free agent.

In addition, there is the Dodgers who dream of becoming a Japanese superstar duo with Ohtani. The Dodgers Nation said, “The Giants seem to have an eye on Yamamoto, who is considered the best pitcher in the FA this time. However, Yamamoto has said that he is not reluctant to play with other Japanese stars. In addition, Yamamoto is known to have grown up as a fan of the Dodgers.”

A conclusion will be made soon. Only when Yamamoto is quickly decided can he sign contracts with pitchers such as Blake Snell, and so can Ryu get a contract.

Anyway, considering the atmosphere in the U.S. so far, the richest teams in the U.S. have joined. Therefore, the current atmosphere is that ridiculous overpay and overpay that does not make common sense will come out unconditionally.

It is not surprising at all if Yamamoto, who has not thrown a single ball in MLB, receives more than $400 million.

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