“Football Insider” said on the 16th (Korean time), “Even if Manchester United suffers a big defeat by Liverpool, we will not replace coach Ten Haq.” 

Manchester United has been suffering from the worst slump this season. Manchester United ranks sixth with seven wins and 27 points from the Premier League. It suffered humiliation after being completely defeated 0-3 at home in the recent AFC Bournemouth match, and was eliminated from the preliminary round as it lost in the final group match of the UEFA Champions League, finishing the bottom of the group with one win, one draw and four losses.랭크카지노

Local media reported that the match will be a “monopoly match” that will determine the replacement and stay of coach Ten Ha-ch. If he wins or draws against Liverpool to earn points or shows equal performance and loses by a narrow margin, Ten Ha-ch can continue to take the helm of Manchester United. 

In fact, the away game at Anfield is considered the most difficult game for all Premier League clubs. Anfield, Liverpool’s home stadium, is displaying cheering matches with overwhelming home audiences, and all players who experienced an away game against Liverpool say it was a “terrible experience.” To that extent, the away team has many disadvantages. 

Even Manchester United, which has the most wins in the Premier League, could not avoid a catastrophe at Anfield. Last season, Manchester United left an away match at Anfield in the 26th round, and Manchester United lost 0-7 with seven goals conceded. For Liverpool, Gakpo, Darwin Nunes, and Mohamed Salah all scored multiple goals. Liverpool hit eight shots on goal on the day, with seven goals scored.

Ahead of the important game, Manchester United is in a bad situation. Bruno Fernandes, who is considered the core of the team, cannot play due to accumulated warnings, and Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire were injured in the previous game, making it unclear to play. Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford were also absent recently due to illness, and many players were originally on the injured list, including Christian Eriksen, Mason Mount and Casemiro.

Despite the deterioration of the team’s situation, Ten Hag will do his best not for his position as the head coach but for the pride of his team, which needs to win the derby match. “I came here to win. I need to make the team play better,” Ten Hag said at a press conference ahead of the match against Liverpool. 

Fortunately, regardless of the victory or defeat of this match, Manchester United is expected to continue to take the helm of manager Ten Haq. This is due to the acquisition of the club. Recently, Manchester United are facing a major change as Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s acquisition of a 25% minority stake has been confirmed. Football Insider reported, “We will not make a decision on the future of manager Ten Haq until Sir Ratcliffe’s investment contract is completed.” 

Local reports said that if Lord Ratcliffe takes over the club, he is likely to replace Ten Haah immediately and put Graham Potter as the head coach, but it has been confirmed that it is not true. “Sir Ratcliffe is focused on hiring the right person for Manchester United’s board,” said Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European football transfer market. “He wants to complete this work first rather than the future of the coach.” 

Meanwhile, Ten Haah, who fortunately maintained his position as Manchester United manager, vowed to win the Northwest Derby. On the 18th, Manchester United and Liverpool will play.

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