FC Seoul officially announced on Thursday that it has appointed Kim Ki-dong (52) as its 15th head coach.

While the club did not disclose the terms of the contract, Kim is reportedly receiving one of the highest salaries for a head coach in the K League.월카지노

Kim Ki-dong is known as the “Iron Man” because he made his professional debut with Pohang in 1991 and has played in 501 matches in his career, making him the second most appearances by a field player in the history of the K League. He has a strong image as a “Pohang man,” taking the helm of Pohang until this season, but he accepted FC Seoul’s offer to take on a new challenge.

“I am grateful that FC Seoul chose me, and I will do my best to show them that they made a good choice,” said Kim Ki-dong. “Above all, I think my role is to recreate the glory of Seoul. I will definitely live up to the expectations.”

The Seoul club has high hopes for Kim, who visited the Seoul World Cup Stadium to sign the contract. “After he finalized all the procedures, he talked to the club’s front office for a while. In a quiet atmosphere, he said, ‘I will make you smile next year. He said this to change the awkward atmosphere. Everyone applauded and congratulated the director.”

“When I visited the club, everyone was smiling brightly and watching me, but the atmosphere was quiet. I came to Seoul with the idea that we must make good results, so I wanted to give back to those who are struggling. I said it to change the awkward atmosphere. But I will prepare well so that we can laugh together with the players and fans as well as the club staff in the new season.”

Kim Ki-dong’s Messenger profile echoes Sai’s “leaning in. Seoul went all out to secure Kim’s services. The team’s recent underwhelming results and the need to change things up. As the saying goes, “I’ll make you smile,” and Seoul is ready for Kim, the club, the players, and the fans to be each other’s leaning points.

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