It’s been a season of mixed emotions. It’s great to see a two-hitting prospect who was highly touted from the time he joined the team fulfill his potential. However, the team didn’t perform as well as expected. At the end of the first half of the season, the team had their eyes on the postseason, but once again, they were faced with roster limitations. With 2023 behind them, Hanwha is preparing for 2024.

The batting averages were as expected. Pitcher Moon Dong-ju (20) and batsman Noh Si-hwan (23) are the highest-ranked players in the contract negotiations. Moon won the Rookie of the Year award after going 8-8 with a 3.72 ERA in 23 games and 118.2 innings pitched. The only pitcher in the Hanwha starting lineup with a higher WAR (Wins Above Replacement, per Statistic) than Moon is Felix Peña.헤라카지노

He’s not just a 160 mph pitcher. With each start, his strike zone became more defined. He’s gotten more comfortable with his high fastball, and his curveball has steadily improved. He was also the ace of his national team in the Asian Games and the Asian Professional Baseball Championships (APBC), which is not part of the calculation. He has been pitching professionally since his sophomore year of high school, so he has a short pitching arm, but his development is very fast.

Noh Si-hwan had an even better year. It was an MVP-caliber season. In 131 games, he batted .298 with 31 home runs, 101 RBIs, and an OPS of .929. He led the league in home runs and RBIs. Second in OPS. Without NC Eric Peddy, the best starting pitcher of the 21st century, the best player in 2023 would have been Noh. He put his 2022 disappointment behind him and became the best power hitter in the KBO.

Noh also played in the Asian Games and APBC. Moon Dong-ju, Noh Si-hwan, and Hanwha have become the faces of Korean baseball. If they keep up the momentum, there will be an internal battle for MVP for years to come.

However, the team’s performance was disappointing. Their season record was 58 wins, 80 losses, and 6 ties. They managed to avoid last place, but only finished 9th, one spot above 10th. It was still not enough to qualify for the postseason. Besides Moon Dong-joo and Roh Si-hwan, more players need to come out of their eggs. It’s positive that Joo Hyun-hyun has made a leap in the bullpen and the team has some depth.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done in the starting lineup and outfield. Outside of Moon Dong-ju, there is no homegrown pitcher to lead the starting lineup. The batting lineup is also lacking, with only Noh Si-hwan, Chae Eun-sung, Choi In-ho, and Lee Jin-young posting a league average OPS above 0.712.

This means that the team still relies heavily on foreign players. If they succeed in signing foreign players, they will improve their power, but if they fail, their power will drop significantly.

There is also a sense of regret within the organization. “I hope there are more players besides Noh Si-hwan and Moon Dong-joo who can give a lot,” said Son Hyuk, who is in the final stages of finalizing the salary calculation. It’s not that there aren’t players who are eligible for salary increases, but not as many as Noh and Moon.

The signings of Chae Eun-sung last winter and Ahn Chi-hong this winter have bolstered the top of the order, but it’s still not enough. If Daejeon Hanwha Life is to have a meaningful final season at the Eagles Park, it will need more growth.

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