The KIA Tigers held their final training camp in Okinawa, Japan in November, but not all of their prospects made the trip. The second team, led by manager Son Seung-rak, also wrapped up the season in Hampyeong. On July 13, KIA’s YouTube channel GATIVI captured a day in the life of 2024 prospects Cho Dae-hyun, Kim Tae-yoon, and Sung Young-tak.헤라카지노

The players wake up at 6 a.m. in their Gwangju neighborhood and head straight to Champions Field to board the team bus to Hampyeong Challengers Field. A 6 a.m. wake-up call was necessary to meet the morning training schedule, and the team hit the ground running as soon as they had breakfast.

Cho Dae-hyun is a right-handed fireballer from Gangneung High School who was drafted in the first round. He started pitching professionally as a high school sophomore and is a prospect to watch with a long breath rather than an immediate sense of power. However, the general consensus is that he has much more potential to break out than other rookies.

In fact, Cho’s closing workouts focused on bulking up and balance. “I learned a training method called Driveline, which is to create a twist in the body. I’m going to focus on getting stronger while weight training in the winter,” he told Gativie.

Kim Tae-yoon is a right-hander from Kaesong High School in the fourth round, and Sung Young-tak is a right-hander from Busan High School in the 10th round. The two should be considered long shots. Sung explained that he stayed in Hampyeong because he needed to build up his body to play baseball well.

There was also a one-point lesson at Seungrak School. When Sung got into a pitching position using an apparatus, Seung-rak Son said, “Young-tak, do it from behind, from behind,” meaning that he should put his center of gravity behind him. He then touched Sung’s body to correct him.

“With your left hip, your legs are too far apart. That’s what you should do. Turn more, turn more. More, more,” he said. He also encouraged Sung, who gained confidence. In fact, Son Seung-rak, the second team coach, is credited with improving the performance of KIA’s young pitchers. Last year, when the main pitchers of the first team were dropped to the second team due to poor performance, he gave them advice.

The rookie trio then practiced their pitching form with balls and shadow-pitched in the weight room. After lunch, the training continued. As Kia doesn’t expect big things from them immediately next year, but wants them to grow steadily, it was a very valuable November. Seungriak School will continue to be the milk of the KIA mound next year.

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