In baseball, winter is known as the rebuilding season. This means it’s a time when teams scramble to bolster their rosters.

Samsung’s Lee Jong-yeol has been on an extensive tour since taking over. He travelled to Japan to observe the Miyazaki Education League, the Okinawa Finishing Camp and the Drive Line Training Programme, flew to Australia to watch Lee Seung-hyun, Park Kwon-hoo (pitcher) and Lee Byung-heon (catcher) play in the Australian Baseball League, and travelled to the United States for the Winter Meetings. “I will try to play harder,” said Lee, who has earned the nickname ‘Lee Gil-dong’ among fans.

He said that the composition of foreign players and internal free agent negotiations have not been easy. Lee Jong-yeol, who is in contract negotiations with David Buchanan, a multi-time champion, said, “There are differences in the contract period and amount.”헤라카지노

Taylor Widener, who Samsung brought in as a replacement for Albert Suarez, is no longer with the team. Foreign batsman Jose Pirela is also being considered for replacement rather than re-signing. But there are no obvious candidates in sight.

Manager Lee Jong-yeol said, “For a foreign hitter, we wanted to replace Pirela in the field, and there aren’t many players who can replace him, so we’re looking hard. I think we need a little more time because there is nothing that fits the bill. We are also looking at several pitchers, but nothing has been decided.” “I want to finish it quickly, and it may be even later after Christmas. We’ll do whatever it takes to get it done.”

Regarding the status of internal free agent negotiations with Oh Seung-hwan, Kim Dae-woo (pitcher), and Kang Kang-ul (infielder), he said, “Oh Seung-hwan also has a difference of opinion. We’re working on it. I’ve been talking to Kim Dae-woo, but we’re going to resume negotiations after our honeymoon, and I’m going to meet with Kang Kang-wool again.”

“It’s not that I don’t understand the position because I’ve been a player myself. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I will try to match what the player wants and what the club can do for him.” He added.

Samsung has been slow to sign players released by other clubs in recent years. This season, it was reportedly disappointed to see players like Kim Jin-sung (LG), Kim Sang-soo, Ahn Kwon-soo (Lotte), and Lim Chang-min (Kiwoom), who suffered the pain of being released, perform to perfection with their new teams. Samsung held a tryout for right-hander Lee Min-ho, who was informed by the NC that he would not be re-signed, and the internal evaluation was good. As of now, there is a high possibility that he will wear a Samsung uniform.

“There are many players who want to come to Samsung (from other clubs). The door is always open. I have asked the scouting department and other relevant departments to recommend any good players. It’s not just one person’s opinion (on whether to sign a player), it’s the training department, medical checks, coaching staff and team manager level meetings.”

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