The most recent video on King Kang’s YouTube channel, posted about eight days ago, is about the attitude and qualities of a leader. In his opinion, a leader must study endlessly and make accurate judgments and prescriptions for players based on that. In fact, he was recognized for his ability to help Son Ah-seop (35, NC Dinos) win two batting titles in a poor 2022 season.

Kang Jeong-ho’s school has produced its second KBO leaguer. It is Kim Jae-hwan (35, Doosan Bears). According to industry sources, he has recently been training at the Kang Jeong-ho Academy in Los Angeles, USA. In November, he unusually participated in the Icheon final training session full-time and traveled to the United States after returning his inactive period.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop personally coached Kim Jae-hwan one-on-one, which attracted attention. He is also being tutored by Kang Jeong-ho. He is desperate for the 2024 season. By all accounts, this season has been too poor. In 132 games, he hit .405 with 89 doubles, a .220 batting average, 10 home runs, 46 RBIs, and a .674 OPS.굿모닝토토

In fact, Kim’s decline began in 2022. His batting average dropped to .248 in 128 games, but he still managed to hit 23 home runs, 72 RBIs, and an OPS of .800. It wasn’t a bad performance, except for the batting average, but this season was serious.

Lee Seung-yeop and Kang Jung-ho may or may not see the same causes of the batting slump and have different prescriptions. In the end, it’s up to Kim to clean up, and he seems to think he needs to be stimulated first. In the comments of Kang’s YouTube video, Doosan fans echoed the request. One fan wrote, “If Kang Jung-ho saves Jae-hwan (after Son As-seop), he will be King Jung.”

About two months ago, Kang Jung-ho already analyzed Jae-hwan’s slump in detail in a video. According to him, the difference between his batting stance in 2016-2017, when he was at his best, and in 2022-2023, when he was at his worst, is obvious.

Kang Jung-ho talks about being a good coach and admits that he can’t change every player. However, he is confident that he can convince them of what is wrong and what direction to go. As for Kim Jae-hwan, he said that unlike Son, he is a home run hitter, so it’s right to focus on his long balls.

In his analysis of Kim Jae-hwan two months ago, Kang Jung-ho said, “He was using the ground reaction force well then, but he’s not using it well now. His center is too far back and he can’t use the ground reaction force, so his power has decreased and his accuracy has decreased.” 

Using Bryce Harper’s (Philadelphia Phillies) batting as an example, Kang analyzed that his face is close to the center of the bat, and he is looking at the hitting point. He uses the ground reaction force well to generate strong power. On the other hand, Kim Jae-hwan said that the distance between his face and the bat is far away, so the bat comes out from behind and the trajectory is shortened. This means that he can’t handle a changeup because he can’t move his hitting point forward enough. I diagnosed him with a wrist lift to hit a changeup in that situation. That would lead to fouls and infield grounders.

Still, Kang didn’t doubt Kim’s resurgence. “His power is among the top three in Korea. If he fixes his swing a little bit, he’ll just hit two or three home runs. He’s lost some power and speed, but he doesn’t realize it and tries to change his swing mechanics. I need to look at my 2017 video and see how my swing came out and how I need to change it.”

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