Park Chan-ho challenged the KBO’s best shortstop, Oh Ji-hwan, with the iconic “title” of triple and 30 stolen bases this season. The shortstop position is the ultimate battleground, and while the outcome is unknown, it’s safe to say that Park Chan-ho’s 2023 will be a successful one, as he’s in contention for the Golden Glove.

The rebound of Park Chan-ho started the rebound of KIA, and the loss of Park Chan-ho to injury accelerated the fall of KIA. This means that Park Chan-ho’s impact on the team was significant. Im Ki-young in the pitching department and Park Chan-ho in the batting department have become indispensable to the team.굿모닝토토

In fact, the first half of the season was completely different from the second half. It’s hard to imagine how they could be so different. In both offense and defense, the first half was disappointing and the second half was incredible.

In the first half of the year, Chan-ho batted .272 with a .645 OPS. But in the second half, he hit a whopping .342 with an OPS of .858. But his batting average doesn’t tell the whole story. He was criticized by fans for making clutch errors in the first half of the season when his stamina waned. There were many who thought he should be rested. However, in the second half, Park Chan-ho showed his true colors.

(SEOUL) In the first half, Park Chan-ho was criticized by many fans for his shaky defense. However, the second half was completely different.

Most importantly, he was steady at shortstop and didn’t make a single error during KIA’s winning streak. For his performance, he was honored with the KBO Defensive Player of the Year award. The KBO Defense Award was established for the first time this season, and the winner was determined by a combination of 75% of the votes cast by 110 voters, including the manager, nine coaches, and 11 representatives from each club, and 25% of the defensive record score.

Most importantly, his base running helped the team during the KIA Tigers’ upswing from July to September. He stole 17 bases and was only caught four times. In particular, his daring stolen bases whenever he batted first, coupled with the return of Na Sung-bum and Kim Do-young, created a tremendous batting lineup. When Park Chan-ho was out, the opposing bats suffered, and he led to the Kim-Do-young-Na-Seong-beom-Choi Hyung-woo batting trifecta.

The fact that he even tried to play the entire game as the leadoff hitter and shortstop in the second half shows how much he contributed to the team.

If not for the injury, it was clear that Park would have been even more valuable if he had been able to play a full game. In addition, he stole a whopping 22 bases with two runs or less, and 16 bases with one run or less. That means his stolen bases are valuable. He also has a .355 batting average with runners in scoring position, which far exceeds his batting average.

The senior has also been praised for his ability to guide the junior Kim Do-young. Park Chan-ho raised the issue of Kim Do-young’s physical fitness, saying, “It’s a professional’s job to take good rest.” He also advised Kim to never do a head-first slide, using himself as a teacher.

At the Golden Globe Awards on December 11, last season’s shortstop winner, Oh Ji-hwan, will be looking to win the award for the second year in a row, and Park Chan-ho will be challenging him. Only time will tell.

He had over 500 at-bats, started every game at shortstop, and went 30-for-30 in stolen bases. He’s established himself as a solid shortstop and will be able to command a premium in free agency, which is two years away. A career-high season like this can also change a player’s rating.

Regardless of whether or not he wins the Golden Glove on December 11, it doesn’t change the fact that Chan Ho Park’s 2023 season will be a huge success.

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