A New York Yankees fan site claimed that Lee Jung-hoo is a better fit for the Baltimore Orioles than the New York Yankees.

“Assuming it takes him a year or so to catch up to the major league level, we’re throwing away a very important 2024,” Pinstripe Alley wrote on Aug. 28. “One of the reasons Juan Soto is such an attractive trade target is that he could be paired with Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo and Glavier Torres next season,” the site said.레모나토토

The outlet used the example of Ha Sung Kim (San Diego Padres).

It took him about a season and a half to adjust to the major leagues, and it will take Lee a season as well.

“He’s a better fit for Baltimore, which can afford a season’s lag time to get into a competitive group,” the outlet emphasized.

This means that the Yankees, who are looking to win a championship right away, can’t wait for Lee to get up to speed.

“I’m confident he’ll be a capable major leaguer,” the outlet said. He has the bat-to-ball skills to fit in well at the top of the lineup. It’s unclear if that will be on display in 2024, and the Yankees can’t afford to waste another year of their star’s prime,” the outlet wrote, expressing a negative view of Lee’s move to the Yankees.

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