included Ryu in this group in an article titled “7 free agents to watch who missed significant time due to injury” on Thursday.

“While players like Shohei Ohtani, Blake Snell, and Cody Bellinger have built huge platforms at the top of the order for 2023, there’s another group of free agents we didn’t see much (or at all) of last season,” wrote. “All seven players missed significant time in 2023 due to injury, and as a result, they may fly under the radar in this year’s free agent class. However, they all have the potential to make a positive impact if they return to full strength next season.”토토사이트

“Coming back from a second Tommy John surgery can be considered a success,” he said of Hyun-jin Ryu. “In 2023, the final year of his four-year, $80 million contract with the Toronto Blue Jays, Ryu posted a 3.46 ERA over 52 innings in 11 starts. His trademark command was back in full force, ranking tied for fourth in MLB (minimum 750 pitches) with a 47.6% edge rate (percentage of pitches thrown within one baseball width of the strike zone boundary).”

“Considering he hasn’t had to rely on overpowering stuff to be effective, Ryu has a good chance to maintain his success as he enters his age-37 season.”

Earlier, quoted a scout as saying, “Ryu gives his team a chance to win every time he pitches. He’s a guy who can pitch.”

According to FanGraphs, Ryu is projected to start 17 games and pitch 86⅓ innings in 2024, going 6-5 with a 4.38 ERA.

His velocity is still expected to be good, with seven strikeouts and 2.2 walks per nine innings.

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