Ansan Greeners FC (Ansan) will look to end the year with a win against Seongnam FC.

Ansan will host Seongnam in the final match of the 39th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Tancheon Sports Complex at 3 p.m. on April 26.레모나토토

Ansan has had a tough time all season and is ready to give it their all in the final match against Seongnam to escape the bottom of the table.

If Ansan wins this match against Seongnam, and Cheonan City FC loses to FC Anyang, they can escape the bottom and finish in 12th place.

A tie for 25 points is enough to put Ansan above Cheonan, as they have a six-goal advantage in team goals.

Apart from the result, their recent good form is positive. They’ve scored two or more goals in their last four games in a row and have a hot offense. In their last home game against FC Anyang, they lost 2-3 due to a goal just before the end of the game, but they showed a lot of fight to the end.

The match will be highlighted by the brotherly battle between Shin Jae-won (Seongnam) and Shin Jae-hyuk (Ansan). Both players are famous for being the sons of K-League legend Shin Tae-yong (now with the Indonesian national team). The brothers play professionally side by side and have a good-natured rivalry.

What’s more, both brothers, Shin Jae-won and Shin Jae-hyuk, have scored in the last 38 rounds. Shin Jae-hyuk came off the bench against Anyang and scored the equalizer in extra time. Not only did he make his presence known, but he also caught the eye of coach Lim Kwan-sik. With his confidence up, expectations are even higher.

Their opponent, Seongnam, didn’t perform as well as expected, finishing ninth with 44 points. However, a 2-0 win against Seoul E-Land in Round 38 halted the bad run. They have veteran players such as Jin Sung-wook, Kim Young-gwang, Jung Seung-yong, and Kwon Soon-hyung who have shown good form in the K League 1, and their home advantage cannot be ignored.

Ansan will try to catch Seongnam by utilizing quick offensive transitions and aggressive attacks. It will be interesting to see if a win against Seongnam will keep their hopes alive for next season.

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