Trippier is the Premier League’s most prolific creator of chances.

The Premier League revealed on its official Instagram account on Tuesday (ET) the top five players who have created the most chances so far this season.

Unsurprisingly, Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandez is second with 32, Tottenham’s James Maddison is third with 31, and Newcastle’s Kieran Trippier is first with 33.레모나토토 도메인

Trippier is a very aggressive fullback with a Beckham-esque accuracy on his kicks, making him the go-to kicker for free kicks and corners. His direct free kicks near the penalty area have tremendous power and accuracy, and are feared by opposing goalkeepers. His accurate crosses, especially when overlapping, are also one of his strongest assets.

After joining Tottenham from Burnley in 2015, Trippier was the backup to Kyle Walker, but he was more attacking than Walker and continued to play regularly as Walker fell out with Pochettino. In the 2017/18 season, Walker’s move to Man City saw him become a regular starter, but he lost out to Aurier after the midway point of the season.

In the 2018/19 season, Walker continued to disappoint, as his attacking prowess amplified his dreadful defense, which had always been his weakness. In particular, he had a terrible performance in the Champions League final against Liverpool, where he contributed absolutely nothing defensively or offensively.

He eventually moved to Atletico Madrid, where he showed good form in his first season alongside Angel Correa, and even though he missed some time in the 2020/21 season, when he did play, he made his presence felt and fulfilled his role as the first-choice right-back. He was an integral part of Simeone’s tactics and won his first major trophy in La Liga.

Since then, Trippier moved to Newcastle in 2022, and in a short space of time, he’s established himself as a key player in the team, with a different style of play and a positive impact on the pitch. He was at least league-best last season, with a staggering 20 official man-of-the-match performances.

On April 20, Trippier revealed the secret to his success. “I think I’m in better shape now than I was in my late 20s. I had a good conversation with a sleep pattern specialist in the US in the preseason,” he said.

“He said it’s important to take a few naps during the day and not stagger into bed at midnight or 1am. You have to be reasonable and respectful of your body to allow it to recover, and sleep is important to me.”

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