He got off to a brilliant start with Lot Tae-hyung. Stove League also started.

The postseason is in full swing. NC Dinos won 4 consecutive games against Doosan Bears and SSG Landers and settled into the playoffs where 2nd place KT Wiz awaits. Although they passed the semi-playoffs with the fewest games played, the Stove League has already started on another stage.

In fact, Stove League is of greater interest. As the Lotte Giants finally replaced their head coach with coach Kim Tae-hyung, Lotte fans erupted in cheers. Director Kim Tae-hyung’s every move received attention, from various rumors before his appointment to the inauguration ceremony and meeting ceremony after his appointment.

It is expected that there will be no replacement for the head coach in the 2024 season other than Lotte. The KIA Tigers, which some fans do not like, trusts coach Kim Jong-guk and will watch him until next year, which is the final season of his contract. On the other hand, coach movement is active. Coaching staff reorganization also took place, especially for clubs that were eliminated from the fall baseball season. The targets are mainly coaches of top-tier teams.

Lotte attracted a large number of coaches who fit with coach Kim Tae-hyung, and the KIA Tigers, Hanwha Eagles, Samsung Lions, and Kiwoom Heroes also underwent minor cabinet reshuffles. SSG also experienced a coach outflow immediately after being eliminated from the semi-playoffs. There are rumors that there will be changes even in teams that haven’t finished the postseason, and there are also rumors that he has received offers to recruit.

Additionally, the finishing camp and educational league are in full swing. When the Korean Series ends, the free agent market, the flower of the Stove League, opens. The general consensus is that there will be no mega-stars in the 2023-2024 free agent market compared to the past year or two. Still, it is expected that there will be quite a few popular items for sale.

Before the free agent market heats up in earnest, the Asian Professional Baseball Championship will be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan from the 16th to the 19th of next month. The final entries have already been announced, and training will begin in Daegu from the 6th of next month. A large number of Hangzhou Asian Games gold medal members will leave, meet more high-quality partners, and test the future of Korean baseball.안전놀이터

Along with the free agent market, the trade market also opens again. Additionally, the second draft, which was abolished for a while, will also be revived. The first 2nd draft conducted under the revised rules. There are predictions that there will not be surprisingly many transferees due to the strict compensation and restrictions, but the outcome can only be known when the lid is opened.

In December, various award ceremonies are held. The Golden Globe Awards ceremony is at its peak. Once the awards ceremony is over, 2023 will actually end. Since the Korean Series ends late this year, the Stove League is expected to run more tightly than usual.

The KBO is also expected to have a busy year-end and New Year holidays as President Heo Heo-yeon’s two-year term comes to an end at the end of this year. Another chapter has opened before the season ends, and it is expected that more people will continue to receive attention. Lottaehyeong is just the beginning.

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