This is SSG, where the tragic fall baseball season has ended. But there is no time to just lament. While we need to focus more on preparing for next year, it is expected that the start will be the composition of the coaching staff and the final camp. SSG plans to resolve the confusion as quickly as possible.

SSG lost 6-7 in the 3rd game of the semi-playoffs against NC in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Postseason’ held at Changwon NC Park on the 25th due to a collapsed mound early in the game and a lethargic batting line that missed decisive opportunities repeatedly. . SSG, who lost 3-4 in the first game due to a poor batting lineup, lost 3-7 in the second game after starter Kim Gwang-hyun failed to control the flow in the early stages of the game. And by losing the third game, they became the victim of an ‘upset’.

Of course, the situation may be better than that of teams that did not advance to the postseason. But SSG’s performance is clearly disappointing. Last year, SSG achieved the first ‘wire to wire’ win in KBO League history (maintaining first place from the start of the regular season to the last day). Using that momentum, they defeated Kiwoom 4-2 in the Korean Series and even enjoyed the thrill of their first overall championship in 12 years since 2010.

Considering last year’s performance and the team’s salary, which is still ranked first, SSG’s performance this year cannot be considered satisfactory. Although they ended the regular season in 3rd place, the team suffered problems in several places after the middle of the season, and at one point fell to 6th place. In addition, there was a great shock within the club that they were eliminated in the most important postseason without even a single win and with three consecutive losses. I don’t know about the Korean Series’ second consecutive loss, but there was no scenario in any calculation where it would fall to such vain.

Anyway, the season is over. However, it is a pain in the ass from the start. Although the system of coach Kim Won-hyung, who is in the first year of a three-year renewal contract, is expected to be maintained, a reorganization of the coaching staff has become unavoidable. SSG’s two leaders have already received offers from other teams before the semi-playoffs end. Coach Kim Min-jae received an offer to become Lotte’s head coach, and Coach Jeong Kyung-bae received an offer to become Hanwha’s head coach. A high-ranking official of the club acknowledged the reality, saying, “We want to catch both leaders, but it is difficult to stop them because they are seeking success as head coaches.”

Some coaches have left, but there are also coaches that SSG is considering organizing internally. Taken together, whether voluntarily or unwillingly, it is expected that the face of the coaching staff will change considerably. It is true that SSG has been focusing on strengthening the coaching staff’s capabilities and preparing for reinforcements since the middle of the season. However, the amount of change is greater than expected, so it will not be easy to organize it in a short period of time before the finishing camp begins.

Recruiting a coach who is novel but has proven ability is more difficult than recruiting a free agent. As it turns out, technical coaches from other teams that are worth keeping an eye on are often tied to multi-year contracts with their current teams. To break this, we need to give him a position with greater authority, but it is true that there is not a suitable position within SSG.

However, there will be no major disruptions to the finishing camp as it was planned and prepared from the beginning. Key players, who have been physically exhausted this year, are expected to finish the season in Incheon with a focus on rest, rehabilitation, and light training. And this year, the 1st team backup and 1.5 team players who were on the borderline between the 1st and 2nd teams will go to Kagoshima, Japan on November 1st to hold a finishing camp. The remaining players and new players joining in 2024 will begin training at Ganghwa SSG Futures Field in November.

Initially, the finishing camp was supposed to be held domestically, but it was changed to overseas in order to focus training on resources that can be used next year even if it costs more. Since Ganghwa Island is an island, you have to fight against the cold from mid-November, but this is not the case in Kagoshima, where the temperature is around 20 degrees. We revisit facilities in the Satsumasendai area that have long been used as finishing campsites. More than 20 players, including Kim Chang-pyeong and Kim Seong-min, who were recently discharged from the military, are on the final camp list. It will be announced soon after final coordination.토토사이트

It is highly likely that the Kagoshima camp will have more training than before. SSG coach Won-Hyung Kim announced in the middle of the season, “We are thinking about increasing the training amount for the final camp.” This year, the intention was to focus on strong training rather than self-reliance, as the players did not require much physical strength and had room to improve their skills through training. Many of these players must rise to the first-team level next year so that the team can lay the foundation for generational change, which is currently slow. This is why this Kagoshima camp is so important.

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