Reporter Kang Dong-hoon = There are reports that Paris Saint-Germain (PSG, France) midfielder Fabian Luis (27, Spain) wants to leave. While he is feeling dissatisfied with the drastic decrease in his playing time this season, it is predicted that he plans to pursue a transfer in the upcoming winter transfer window.

Multiple media outlets, including France’s ‘Foot Mercato’ and ‘Canal Supporters’, reported on the 20th (Korean time), “Luis is considering leaving PSG in January of next year, and is currently attracting interest from Atletico Madrid (Spain) and Juventus (Italy). “As we receive it, we are connected,” they said in unison.

According to reports, Luis is currently unhappy with his life at PSG. The biggest reason is that his playing time has drastically decreased under new coach Luis Enrique (53, Spain), who was appointed ahead of this season, unlike his consistent playing as a key player under former coach Christophe Galtier (57, France) last season.

In fact, this season, he is losing out in the competition for the starting position with ‘freshman’ Manuel Ugarte (22, Uruguay) and ‘top prospect’ Warren Zaire Emery (17, France). He played seven games in French Ligue 1, only two as a starter. Most of the time, he came on as a substitute in the mid to late second half and only played for a short period of time. He averages only 32 minutes of playing time.

It is known that Lewis is particularly dissatisfied with not being given the opportunity to play in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), the ‘stage of the stars’. In fact, he was listed as a candidate against Borussia Dortmund (Germany) and Newcastle United (England), but did not end up playing.

Ultimately, Lewis is pursuing a transfer during the upcoming winter transfer window. Meanwhile, he is being linked to Atletico Madrid and Juventus, who are planning to strengthen their midfield. In particular, he is interested in the transfer because he does not need to adapt as he has played in both the Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A stages.짱구카지노

Luis is a midfielder who made his professional debut at Real Betis (Spain) in 2014 and played for Elche (Spain) and Naples (Italy) before joining PSG last summer. As he is from Spain, he has excellent passing ability, ability to keep the ball, and ability to get rid of pressure. He is also good at physical fighting by utilizing his tall physical ability, and is also excellent at maintaining balance between offense and defense while making a wide range of movements based on his activeness.

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