Pro soccer team Hana Citizen ranked 8th in the regular league.

Starting with the match against Suwon FC, we will play five final round games until December to challenge our ability to remain in the first division.

This is reporter Kim Ye-eun.

Daejeon Hana Citizen players exchange the ball with a strange sense of tension.

We focus on passing training ahead of the lower split final round.

Daejeon, which advanced to the first division for the first time in eight years, finished this season’s regular league in 8th place.안전놀이터

At the beginning of the season, they rose to second place thanks to offensive soccer.

Thanks to the performance of Thiago, who is challenging for the top scorer, he ranked 3rd in scoring among 12 teams.

[Tiago/Daejeon Hana Citizen striker: “Even if it’s not the 20 goals (which was the initial goal), I want to show a good performance by scoring as many goals as possible.”] However, due to Jo Yu-min’s injury and unstable defense, they suffered a slump from the middle of the season and took first place

. Unfortunately, they did not advance to the ‘top split’ where the 6th place team competed.

The first division was the original goal

. There is a strong possibility that it will remain.

In the regular league, they have already secured 45 points, which would have put them in the top split in previous years, and the point gap with lower-ranked teams competing for relegation has widened significantly.

If Daejeon draws with Suwon FC, the first of the five final round games, it is confirmed that Daejeon will remain in the first division.

Daejeon is the day after tomorrow (22nd)

. Starting with the home game against Suwon FC, the five final round games will continue until early December.

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