Doosan Bears catcher Ahn Seung-han (31) is a ‘smiling man.’ Even after going through hard training before a game, he always smiles. This is because I feel happy just by wearing a uniform and playing baseball. Therefore, the fall baseball stage, which was my first time playing since joining a professional team (KT Wiz) in 2014, is inevitably more precious.

Seunghan Ahn’s baseball life was a series of ups and downs. After graduating from Dong-A University, he joined KT as a founding member in 2014 with big dreams, but it was not easy to step onto the first team stage. Until 2018, he had only played 50 games in the Futures (second team) league. It was only in 2019 that he stepped onto the first team stage of his dreams for the first time, appearing in 36 games (batting average of 0.136, 5 RBI). However, it was impossible to avoid another gap for the next two years. Ultimately, after the 2021 season, he was removed from KT’s pending player list.

He didn’t just sit down. After completing his tryout, he wore the Doosan uniform. In Doosan, which has ample catcher resources, entering the first team was a challenge in itself, but the competition was happily accepted. He recalled, “I prepared with the thought that it would be my last time and that I would have fun playing baseball, which I love so much.” As a result, he appeared in 30 first-team games last year, leaving a batting average of 0.333 (12 hits in 36 at-bats) and 8 RBIs. Although his performance was by no means outstanding, it was a huge achievement for him.

This season, we entered the competition vigorously from spring camp. Competing for the backup position of the unwavering housewife Yang Eui-ji (37) was a great motivation in itself. He also received praise from Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, saying, “He leads the pitchers stably.” This season’s first-team performance was only a batting average of 0.208 (5 hits in 24 at-bats) and 1 RBI in 22 games, but he wore a mask in 21 games (80 innings), including 8 starts. In his dugout, he always tried to keep the spirits of his teammates alive with a bright expression.안전놀이터

As a result, he was invited to the fall baseball stage for the first time in his life by being named in the entry for the wild card (WC) deciding game against NC Dinos. His final opportunity at the crossroads of retirement led to his first fall baseball experience. Breathing together with his teammates and feeling the cheers of the fans with his whole body amidst a level of tension different from that of the regular season is a valuable asset that money cannot buy. This is Ahn Seung-han’s first unforgettable fall baseball game in his 10th year as a professional.

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