‘It’s a problem even if it’s hit too well.’ Yang Seok-hwan, who hit a home run-like ball that went over the outfield fence and landed at the top of the stands, strongly claimed that he went inside the pole by repeatedly pointing to the direction of the hit with his finger and bat right after the umpire called a foul. .

The final match of the season between Doosan Bears and NC Dinos, who are fighting fiercely for third place until the end of the season, was held at Jamsil Stadium on the 12th.

Doosan Yang Seok-hwan, who started as the third batter and first baseman on this day, showed off his hot batting skills from his first at-bat. Yang Seok-hwan, who was watching Rojas, the lead hitter, hit a tying solo shot from the stand-by batting box and was adjusting his timing, almost hit a comeback shot in the game against NC starter Lee Jae-hak.

Yang Seok-hwan did not miss the 120km changeup in the middle of the second pitch in 0B 1S and properly kicked it up. At the moment of hitting, the ball headed toward the outfield, drawing a high parabola, passed over the yellow pole and landed at the top of the left stands. When umpire Kim Jun-hee, who was watching the home run hit until the end, called a foul, Yang Seok-hwan pointed to the direction of the hit with his bat and fingers and strongly appealed that it went inside the pole.

In order to relieve Yang Seok-hwan of his unfair feelings, Director Lee Seung-yeop requested a video review. As the reading continued, Yang Seok-hwan, who was at bat, told catcher Park Se-hyuk with a confident expression that the batted ball went inside the yellow pole. Watching the readout take longer than expected, Yang Seok-hwan approached Yang Eui-ji, who was at bat, and once again explained the direction of the hit and waited for the result.

Contrary to Yang Seok-hwan’s confident wishes, the video review result confirmed that it was a centrifugal foul. The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment. Yang Seok-hwan, who had lost all strength when a large hit that he thought was a comeback solo shot turned out to be a foul home run, struck out in the ensuing game.메이저사이트

From Yang Seok-hwan’s point of view, even if the ball was hit well, the ball that was hit too well was just a hit. This is because a come-from-behind shot with an incredible distance over the pole turned into a foul home run by a narrow margin.

In his second at-bat, in the bottom of the 3rd inning, with no outs and 1st and 2nd bases in scoring position, Yang Seok-hwan hit a clean left-handed hit on a 1B 2S unfavorable count, bringing home runner Jeong Soo-bin on second base. Yang Seok-hwan, who relieved the disappointment of a foul home run in his first at-bat with a timely hit, smiled as he celebrated toward the dugout.

On this day, Doosan, who achieved an 11-1 victory with an explosive batting lineup, succeeded in narrowing the gap to 3rd place SSG by 1 game and 4th place NC by 0.5 games.

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