17 years in the making.

LG’s first regular season title in 29 years. But there’s still one final test for LG. The Korean Series. The fact that LG has parted ways with its previous manager, who has performed well in the past two years, and has hired Yoon Kyung-yup means that the team must win the Korean Series.

LG chose Yeom because no one in the industry has more experience with success and failure in a variety of roles and positions than Yeom. Yeom’s colorful past is well known. At LG, he worked as an operations staffer, operations manager, foreign scout, and defensive coach before making his head coaching debut at Kiwoom. He then went on to become the head coach at SK, a position he held for the entirety of his career.

After SK, he worked in various positions in the KBO. He was the head of the KBO’s technical committee and a commentator for KBS N Sports for a year. It was at LG that he became flesh and blood with baseball, where he was recognized for his exceptional abilities, and at SK, where he experienced both glory and frustration. After winning the 2018 championship as general manager, he suffered an “epic Yongdusami bust” as manager in 2019.

If LG wins the Korean Series this year, it will be the “happiest time” for the baseball player. And he’d set another record. He will be the second baseball player in the KBO after Kim Eung-ryong to win both the managerial and front office titles.

Kim won 10 Korean Series titles, nine with Haetae and one with Samsung. After the 2004 season, he became president of Samsung and lived in the front office for six years, from 2005 to 2010. Samsung won the Korean Series in 2005 and 2006, so Kim has exactly 12 championships under his belt. He is the only baseball player to win a Korean Series title as both a manager and a president, a feat that is unlikely to happen again in the KBO.

After 17 years since 2006, Yoon will be looking to add to the list of Korean Series wins by a manager and front office executive. For the first time ever, he will attempt to win the Korean Series as both a manager and a general manager. The number of former players and managers in the KBO has increased, and there are baseball players who have served as both managers and managers.

SPOTV commentator Yang Sang-moon has served as both manager and general manager of LG, and Jang Jeong-seok is a former KIA manager. Neither of them won a Korean Series title as a manager or a general manager. While there are many former players and managers who have won the Korean Series as players and managers, there are very few who have won the Korean Series as president and manager or as president and manager.캡틴토토

On the other hand, LG’s Cha Myung-seok has experience as a pitching coach. However, he has never won a championship as a coach, so if he wins this year, he will be the first baseball player to win a championship as both a player and a manager. Cha Myung-seok was a pitcher for LG when they won the 1994 championship.

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