The Suwon 60 soccer team (Chairman Dang Ju-soo), a special case city of Suwon, showed the power of Suwon to the rest of Gyeonggi-do by defeating strong contenders at the Gyeonggi-do Life Sports Festival.

The Suwon 60 soccer team won the soccer event at the 34th Gyeonggi-do Life Sports Festival, the team announced on Nov. 19.

The Suwon 60s defeated the Goyang 60s and Uijeongbu 60s to reach the final. In the final, the team defeated the Paju 60s 1-0 thanks to Bae Se-jin’s goal to win the title.

“It is meaningful that the team’s strength has spread throughout Gyeonggi-do and won the championship,” said Chairman Dang Ju-soo. “We will continue to work with members to steadily improve our skills so that we can shine the name of Suwon Special City.”카지노

Meanwhile, about 20,000 athletes from 31 cities and counties in the province participated in the tournament, which was held in Goyang Special City for three days from the 15th to the 17th, and competed in 25 sports including soccer. The Suwon 70s soccer team also won the tournament, defeating strong favorites.

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