Tottenham Hotspur fans’ question marks are slowly turning into exclamation points.

Sports publication The Athletic detailed the mood of Spurs fans after the win over Sheffield United on Sept. 18 (ET), when they were thoroughly encouraged.

They are beginning to believe that the early surge was no fluke as Spurs rolled to their fourth straight league win.

‘An hour and a half after the game ended, fans were still lingering around the stadium,’ The Athletic wrote. They queued up at the club shop to buy Tottenham merchandise. They chanted the name of the new manager, Enzi Postecoglou. These people look so happy, and they are Spurs fans. Can you believe it,” he said, describing the 2-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday in the fifth round of the Premier League on Oct. 16.

Tottenham are second in the table with four wins and a draw after five rounds. It’s not just about the record, it’s about the quality of play. Postecoglou has succeeded in introducing Tottenham to attacking soccer. Spurs are having fun and getting results. At least until the fifth round.

The Athletic featured an interview with season ticket holder Adam Nathan.

Nathan said, “It’s a really weird feeling right now. The Spurs are serious this year. They’re playing the right way and it’s leading to results. It’s not hard to please a football fan. It’s very easy to fall behind when the players look like they’re putting the shirt on begrudgingly,” he said, adding that he was confident that Tottenham were currently moving in a positive direction.카지노

Another fan, Ben, told BBC Radio: “The Tottenham we know, it’s exactly the right time to lose. We know what’s going to happen. We said we were going to lose 0-1.”

There’s a saying among English soccer fans that “Tottenham is Tottenham. There’s a saying among English soccer fans: “Tottenham goes Tottenham” – a team that has won a game and then loses it in the final minutes due to a lapse in concentration, or a team that is on a winning streak and then loses a game against an underdog. According to this, the Sheffield game was one of those times.

But Spurs overcame it.

“We believed we could win it with 12 minutes of extra time (Spurs were 0-1 down after 90 minutes and won 2-1 after 16 minutes of stoppage time), but it was an unbelievable win,” says Ben.

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