All previous ‘Coach of the Month’ winners fired
It’s been six years since a player and manager have won the award at the same time.

What do Enze Postecoglou, Jose Mourinho, and Nuno Espirito Santo have in common? They’re all managers of Tottenham in the English Premier League. Postecoglou is the current Spurs manager, Mourinho was in charge from 2019 to 2021, and Santos took over the year after Mourinho stepped down.

They also have something else in common. They’ve both won the Premier League’s Manager of the Month award. Postecoglou won the award in his first month in charge of Tottenham last August. Postecoglou quickly dismissed the worries of many and led the team to a second-place finish in the EPL with three wins and a draw in their opening four games.

Despite the fact that all three have won manager of the month awards, Spurs fans are still worried. According to an article in the UK’s The Sun, Spurs fans believe that the Premier League Manager of the Month award is cursed. They are worried that Postecoglou will end up like any other manager and get sacked.

Postecoglou is new to the English Premier League, and his style at Celtic has earned him a lot of praise. However, this is not the first time a Tottenham manager has won awards in his first month in charge.

Like Postecoglou, Mourinho and Mourinho were successful in their first months at Spurs, winning the manager’s award. However, they later struggled with poor results and were eventually sacked.

So, even though Postecoglou took home the manager of the month award, fans were worried.

“It’s all coming back to haunt him,” “It’s following the same pattern,” and “Is it really a coincidence?” are some of the comments that fans have posted. It’s a nuance that is somehow rewarding, but with a creepy edge.카지노

Fans also brought up some not-so-favorable memories from the past, adding, “I feel like this is going to happen again,” “The jinx is coming back,” and “He has a curse to break.”

At the same time as Postecoglou won the manager of the month award, Tottenham had the added bonus of James Maddison being named player of the month for his two goals and two assists in four games. This is the first time in six years that Tottenham has had both a manager and player win the same award in the same month. The last time was in April 2017, when Mauricio Pochettino and Son Heung-min won the manager and player awards respectively.

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