Can they have the best regular season finish ever?

The LG Twins began their grueling September road trip on the 5th. After a three-game series in Suwon against the KT Wiz on the 7th, they head to Gwangju on the 8th for four games, including a doubleheader against the KIA Tigers. After a three-day break, the team will travel to Changwon (Sept. 14) and Daejeon (Sept. 15) to face the NC Dinos and Hanwha Eagles, respectively.

LG has been on a roll since June 27. With an overwhelmingly positive win-loss margin, the road trip is likely to be the most important watershed in LG’s regular season title challenge.

LG suffered back-to-back losing series against NC (Aug. 25-27) and Hanwha (Sept. 1-3). Second-place KT, on the other hand, has been chasing LG with a winning percentage of 0.826 in August alone, and LG will need to win the three-game series against KT to close the gap to a comfortable level.

The next game against KIA is also a tough one. Kia has been on a roll since the end of August and is now in the mix for third place. With the team clearly motivated to participate in the fall baseball season, LG can expect a bloodbath in this four-game series. There is also the pressure of facing NC and Hanwha again, both of whom handed LG the Rising Series in their last meeting.

After all nine away games, LG will not return home to Jamsil Stadium until the 16th. Their opponent will be the SSG Landers. The team has cooled off recently, but they can’t afford to let their guard down as they were consistently battling with LG for the lead in the first half. The best-case scenario for LG is to get a satisfactory result on the road on the 15th and then face SSG at home. A double-header with SSG is also scheduled for the 17th.

If LG can get through the first game against SSG, they’ll have a chance to kill two birds with one stone. That’s the 1 million spectator title, which comes with a win.메이저사이트

Through five games, LG has mobilized 931,183 home fans this season, which ranks first out of 10 teams. With plenty of home games remaining, the 1 million mark is within reach. If LG reaches the 1 million mark, it will be the first time in four years that a KBO team has drawn 1 million fans since 2019. The last team to reach 1 million fans before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was LG in 2019.

Winning the regular season title with a million fans at home is the best way to end a season for a professional baseball team. It’s also the best thing you can do heading into the postseason. For LG, the September road trip is more important than ever. Will the ‘Twin Legion’ be able to return home to Jamsil on the 16th with the desired results?

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