Jürgen Klinsmann’s reluctance to hold a roster announcement press conference is understandable, but it’s certainly disappointing given his history.

Every day, Klinsmann is at the center of controversy. This time, it was for not holding a roster announcement press conference. Roster announcement press conferences are held after the A-match roster is announced, where the manager talks about the intentions of the players, how they will be utilized, and the criteria for selecting them. It’s also a chance for him to tell the fans what he thinks of them while speaking in front of reporters.

It’s also a chance for him to explain his tactical style and direction, and to convince those who are still scratching their heads. These are the things the public is demanding from Klinsmann right now. Klinsmann’s tactical abilities have been questioned since his arrival, and after four games, there are still plenty of things to be disappointed about. While he has emphasized attacking football, he hasn’t shown a clear direction in which he wants to go.

Their off-field behavior has also been unconvincing. Instead of staying in Korea, he traveled to the United States to appear as a panelist on global media outlet ESPN, previewing Tottenham Hotspur matches and evaluating foreign soccer players, raising questions. It is difficult to understand the behavior of the Korean national team manager. He held an online press conference to express his thoughts, but it only raised more questions.

At the same time, he also canceled a press conference in front of the fans where he could introduce his roster and say what he thinks about it, which led to more criticism. In the future, the KFA will hold roster announcement press conferences before major tournaments such as the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup and the FIFA World Cup, but will not hold roster announcement press conferences during regular A matches.

The decision was not made unilaterally by the KFA, but rather at the request of Klinsmann. Here’s what the KFA had to say “Coach Klinsmann requested the change. The press conference to announce the roster is held before the team is fully assembled. Even if the roster is announced at that point and a lot of stories are told, there are many variables that can happen in the period before the call-up, such as injuries. That’s why Coach Klinsmann talked about it and why we’re making this change, because things can become meaningless. We’re going to have a meeting with reporters when we’re fully called up, and we think that’s when we’ll be able to be more accurate.”

It makes sense when you hear it. However, when compared to Mr. Klinsmann’s actions, I can only think of ‘lack of will to communicate’. If Klinsmann had convinced the public and demonstrated credibility, his request might have sounded different, but in contrast to the current controversy, I think it’s a judgment that will only increase the voices of criticism.바카라사이트

With his credibility dwindling by the day, Klinsmann needs to be more active with the national team, not abroad, to make up for lost credibility. He shouldn’t eliminate the space for communication that exists, but rather create it and engage in a dialog with the fans. Otherwise, if he continues on this path and fails to deliver results in the September A matches, he will cross a river from which there is no return.

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