The Korea National Under-15 Baseball Team recorded its first win of the tournament at the 11th Asian Youth Baseball Championship in Weihai, China.

Led by head coach Song Yong-ju (Segwangjoong), the team won its first Group B game against Sri Lanka, 26-0, in a four-inning shutout at the Weihai Baseball Field on Tuesday.

The Korean team started with Park Joo-hyung (SBC, Kaesong) as the starting pitcher, followed by Jae-hwi Jae (left fielder, Bucheon), Kim Dong-young (shortstop, Segwang), Lee Hyun-min (center fielder, Gyeongsang), Um Jun-sang (third baseman, Zayang), Kim Ji-woo (first baseman, Gangnam), Seol Jae-min (catcher, Deoksu), Ha Hyun-seung (DH, Centum), Bae Jong-yoon (right fielder, Hwasun), and Choi Woo-jun (second baseman, Gyeongsang).

In the first inning, the Sri Lankan offense was shut down by Park Joo-hyung. Park started off with 13 pitches, striking out Sri Lanka’s first through third batters.

In the top of the first inning, top hitter Jae-hwi Jang singled to center field, followed by back-to-back singles by Kim Dong-young and Lee Hyun-min to load the bases, and Korea took the lead on a ground ball by Uhm Jun-sang. After Kim Ji-woo, the fifth batter, reached on a wild pitch, Seol Jae-min scored on a sacrifice fly to make it 2-0. Then, with a single by designated hitter Ha Hyun-seung and back-to-back doubles by Bae Jong-yoon and Choi Woo-joon, the Korean team scored five consecutive hits, including a triple by Lee Hyun-min in the third and a triple by Ha Hyun-seung in the seventh, to take a 14-run lead in the first inning.

In the bottom of the second inning, the team pushed hard with consecutive doubles by Uhm Jun-sang, Kim Ji-woo, Seol Jae-min, and Ha Hyun-seung to score nine runs and complete the cold game conditions (15 runs in the fourth inning and 10 runs in the fifth inning). They added three more runs in the bottom of the inning to complete the sweep.

Park Joo-hyung was followed by Park Ki-won (Segwangjoong), Kim Young-joon (Gongju), Kim Kang-min (Jamshin), and Kim Dong-young (Segwangjoong), who combined to shut down the opposing bats with nine strikeouts in four innings.

In this tournament, high runs scored and fewest runs allowed are important because if there are more than three teams tied for first place, the TQB (runs scored/offensive innings, runs allowed/defensive innings) will be calculated to determine the ranking. Pitch count restrictions apply, with players who exceed 35 pitches per day having to take the next day off (51 pitches on 2 days, 66 pitches on 3 days, and a maximum of 95 pitches per day).

Head coach Song Yong-ju said, “When we arrived in China, I was worried about the players getting used to the different stadium environment, food, etc. than in Korea, but I could see them finding their feet during today’s game. We played according to the plan we made with the coaches, so we will give our all against Chinese Taipei tomorrow.”메이저사이트

The Korean National Team will face Chinese Taipei, who defeated the Philippines at 3 p.m. on Nov. 21, in the second match of the preliminary round, which will be a watershed moment in determining the Super Round standings.

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