Lotte Giants catcher Yoo Kang-nam (31) is back in action.

“His rehabilitation went well in the right direction,” said Lotte manager Larry Sutton of Yoo Kang-nam, who joined the first-team squad on Saturday ahead of the game against the resigned SSG Landers. “He recently played three games in the Futures (second division) league, getting enough at-bats and even playing defense for a full game. “After the game, I checked my body and there were no more abnormalities, so I decided to join the first team squad. There will be a change in the first team roster tomorrow (Sunday).”

Yoo was removed from the first team roster on March 29 after injuring his left side (adductor muscle) while swinging. After recovering from the injury, he appeared in three games in the Futures League, including against the Seosan Hanwha Eagles on Dec. 12-13 and the Ulsan Kia Tigers on Dec. 15. He went 4-for-11 with one home run, one walk, and two RBIs. On the 15th, he batted leadoff and got as many at-bats as possible to reacquaint himself with live pitching.

Yoo played 590 innings at catcher this season, the most on the team. In terms of pitching leads, he did his job as a catcher, working well in sync with the pitcher. However, his offense was a little less impressive. In 81 games this season, he’s batting .226 with six home runs and 29 RBIs. He needs to rebound, as he’s nowhere near his mid-to-high double-digit batting average from 2020 and his double-digit home runs from the last three years.메이저사이트

In addition to Yoo Kang-nam, the arrival of Na Kyun-ahn is also imminent. Na Gyun-an also joined the first team squad on the same day. Sutton said, “After his start against KIA in Ulsan on the 15th (3 runs in 3 innings), he decided to accompany the team. I asked him how he was feeling and he said, ‘Very good.’ I plan to start this weekend when I get back,” the team said. Lotte will play a three-game series against the Kiwoom Heroes on April 18-20. Na Gyun-ahn will be added to the first-team roster once the starting date is set.

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